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September 26, 1996
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  • Help Choosing a class please !

    Lilyflower wrote: »
    Hmm... recommand wind archer and wild hunter good at mobbing.

    Did someone say Wind Archer?

    Since Lily took my original suggestion, I would like to recommend a few of my own picks.

    Warrior: Dawn Warrior, Demon Slayer

    Mage: Luminous, Ice Lightning Mage

    Archer: Refer to Lilyflower, Mercedes

    Thief: Phantom, Xenon

    Pirate: Thunder Breaker, Shade
  • A lot of problems...

    Sorry for your current state man, I'm going to give the rundown to you in the most neutral way possible. The servers have been in their worst state since the Firepower Update (personal opinion here) and we don't know why exactly. In other threads some have speculated its due to a mishap in the gift box system and while proven false, some still believe the lack of connectivity to be due to a DDoS attack. Frankly I've never seen so much rage projected onto the forums ever.

    Long story short, be on the lookout for the eventual update that maybe fixes these issues and everything will be fine.
  • Server instability megathread

    2 tries, git gud m8.

    Maybe you need more %Success Rate
  • Kanna though...

    If you're maining Blaze Wizards I would like to express my condolences to you regarding their nerfs. Although to be fair Kanna needed this buff since KMS doesn't work with region specific characters such as Jett, Hayato, Kanna, Beast Tamer and Zen (MSEA Jett). Thus, revamps for these characters come rarely in comparison to the constant reorganizations of core playable characters.
  • Give Set Effects to Commerci Equipment

    *Disclaimer: For those confused at the title I'm referring to the set of equipment you obtain as you complete the Commerci questline and not the more famous Sweetwater Set that actually does have set effects.

    Really the title says it all for the most part, as I finished the questline and found these pieces of equipment sitting in my equip tab I found myself dissapointed in how nice looking these equips are; yet useless since it has no set bonuses to go with it. And really, considering their relative (yet time consuming) ease to obtain they have an advantage over the much more expensive Root Abyss set or the somewhat hard to find "Japan" set dropped by Mori Ranmaru.

    My proposed solution would be to grant the Commerci Equipment set bonuses in a similar concept to how Utgard gear shares set bonuses with Empress gear. That being that the Commerci Set maybe has 1/2 of the bonus stats to the Sweetwater set making it more attractive to players with low Meso incomes, or those who simply like its look.

    If you disagree, then at least give your proposed solution to my request, thank you for your time.