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  • Hugely dissapointed in Nexon as a company

    For 16 years i have been a loyal player of your game and through some bad customerservice i have always remained a huge fan of the game MapleStory, that is till today.
    When i found out Nexon has decided to follow through on their earlier announcement about blocking Dutch people from all ingame functions.
    Till the last minute i had faith in Nexon as a company to come through with a better solution, unfortunately Nexon has chosen to completely disregard the Dutch playerbase and make the game unplayable for us. I cannot express how dissapointed and angry i am right now. Nexon you even said you would look for a better solution, but what have you come up with? With all the suggestions we have given you to comply with Dutch law, yet also look out for your loyal Dutch players, you came up with absolutely nothing.
    You have decided to take the easy way out and completely disregard Dutch players.
    Dissapointment doesn't begin to describe how Dutch people are feeling at the moment. Apparently our loyalty to you as a company has meant nothing to you what so ever.
    I hope you realize this won't stop with the Netherlands, more countries will follow soon and as you slowly block countries from ingame functions, you will actually slowly kill off your game.
    It's a crying shame you did not listen to any of our suggestions and kept trades alive for us, since those actually have nothing to do with gambling / real life money, and as such did NOT need to be blocked.
    It's a shame you kept closing our tickets and ignored us in all of this.
    Again dissapointment does not begin to describe how Dutch people are feeling at the moment, you have ruined our game experience.
    Shame on you Nexon for making horrible decisions that will end up costing you your customers. Shame on you for not listening and for not taking us serious. Shame on you for not even trying to consider us in this process.

    Shame on you Nexon
  • Can't claim reward points/popoh's relay reward poi

    I have the exact same issue. For some reason i can't redeem my maple reward points. I can collect maple relay and monster collection reward points, but i'm on 20/20 tokens and can't redeem those in cs.
    I get the same message, you didn't get any reward points.
    It's been like that for a few days now, so it has nothing to do with the daily cap.