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  • Dear GM (Nexon), I appreciate you forwarding the mails to the Game Team, but i have yet to actually hear more from your end as to how you will be implementing the new Dutch law into MapleStory, without making the game unplayable for Dutch players…
  • Further more there is one thing i would like Nexon to consider. Right now these laws only affect Belgium and the Netherlands, which might at this moment be a small part of their customers. We are already aware though that other countries are workin…
  • Dear Nexon, Earlier i sent you a ticket about the upcoming changes you are about to implement for Dutch players to comply with the new Dutch law that went into effect. We have been reviewing the exact intent of this law and the idea behind it is…
  • MrPPK we are fighting at the moment to hopefully change this. Ty for the sentiment by the way. If you would like to know more feel free to add me on Discord so i can add you to our Dutch discord server we made and are expanding rapidly. SoulOfAngel…
  • https://chng.it/tdcPNBvrzw Sign our petition to stop Nexon implementing rules that will affect our Dutch player base!! Please share far and wide!!!! #SaveDutchMaplers Change.org Spare a minute to help out during these times
  • Sign our petition to stop Nexon implementing rules that will affect our Dutch player base!! Please share far and wide!!!! #SaveDutchMaplers Change.org Spare a minute to help out during these times
  • As a fellow dutchie obviously i was aware of this new Dutch law and i understand the intent behind it. I think however Nexon you are taking this to the extreme (putting it mildly). The intent behind this law was to block ingame gambling. This is eas…
  • Brat? o.O That has to be you! It's me Karin ;-)
  • Yeah almost everyone i know is having the same issue. I did manage to change my pic, went online. Nothing worked for me though, including my perma hyper tele rock, maple guide etc. I decided to relog and see if that fixed it and now it says my ID i…
  • Having the same issue and more reporting this issue as well, so i guess that quest is glitched atm
  • I have the exact same issue. For some reason i can't redeem my maple reward points. I can collect maple relay and monster collection reward points, but i'm on 20/20 tokens and can't redeem those in cs. I get the same message, you didn't get any re…
  • I was able to upgrade mine by collecting the 2nd batch of 100 cakes right after reset. My cake chair is now level 2 ;-)
  • Oddly enough i cannot access cs on my main character without dc-ing, but i have no issues on any of my other chars on the same account. So unless you need to buy something, to redeem reward points you can access cs on another char most likely. Hop…
  • I have the same problem on my main, but apparently on other chars on the same account i can enter cs to redeem. Guessing this maintenance will fix the issue, but if not, try that option ;-)
  • CuHanh wrote: » I reached 200 level and see the survivalist quest nowhere. That means I have to suicide and go up to 200 again? The same just happened to me and i'm pretty sure i took on the quest at level 10, yet nothing cleared once i reached…
  • So apparently i can't start the game either. My game seems to start but when i get to channel selection it won't go past that screen and keeps asking me if i'm ready to exit. The only option left for me at that point is to exit the game. No error me…
  • XKid_gaming wrote: » Wow dude. Sounds bad. Glad you got out in one piece. I got stuck in friend story and don't know how to use tickets so I might be stuck for awhile, any tips? You should try live chat instead. They may be able to help you str…
  • I was about to start a post on this subject when i saw this one. I'm wondering the same thing. Now that several players have used the free event to move worlds (mostly to Bera), this would seem the perfect time for a merge of some of the smaller wor…
  • lalala12345 wrote: » Try reinstalling nexon launcher in a different directory. Temporary Fix. I.E. in Program Files That worked for me, thanks for the tip
  • Yeah tried patching the launcher 5x now and i keep getting that lovely list of errors. I am online but apparently if i dc i'm in trouble. A fix for this would be nice.