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Hmm, now what's this neat little box do. I wonder just where this post will end up!


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April 7, 1986
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I'm sorry I'm not good. I apologize for my ego. Please forgive me, I'm just European.
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I'm an independent game developer and long time Mapler! I play a Dark Knight in Windia and Dawn Warrior in Reboot.
  • Greetings from CM Ghiblee

    Welcome to the community Ghiblee! I wish all the best to you as you begin the process of coming back to Maple, and integrating with us!

    A word to the wise for you though, don't listen to Fennekin when you're streaming!
  • frenzy totem

    I can't believe it's the fourth page this is having to be posted on - but the Frenzy Totem had its spawn rates reduced to be the exact same as Kishins months ago. Not only that but GMS's version of Kishin is still the strongest one found in any version of Maplestory.

    In short, the Frenzy Totem is not pay to win. It does not offer anything that isn't already available for free since it now has the same rates as Kishin, and it even prevents you from using a Dark Totem which is the best in slot equip for totems.

    There you have it.
    The Blue Corsair
  • How to fix the Ghost Ship Exorcist badge

    At one point in time this issue was actually acknowledged and there was supposed to be a quest you could do to get the badge back, but it was sadly forgotten about over time and never implemented. I think that method makes more sense than any of the others anyway.

    I've always been extremely careful with my badges, but a quest to re-obtain them would be much more natural. I've known several people who blew theirs up through star force or scrolls, and they would literally restart their character when it happened.
  • Cats or Dogs?


    The answer is clear!
  • What Does Your Character Look Like?

    It also helps when the image link ends with ".jpg" or ".png" or ".gif"
    If it doesn't, it won't show.
    Opening an image in its own tab should have you covered for that 99% of the time since it's giving you the direct path to the image. :)