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January 18, 1992
  • [MONAD: The First Omen] A reason to Fight (Act 3)

    Bug type: Quest bug

    Brief bug summary: The bug from the previous version that didn't allow players to continue through Act 3 of MONAD is still present. The NPC to take the quest "A Reason To Fight" is not on the map, and the NPC Peytour is duplicated.

    Steps to reproduce: Proceed to the point in Act 3 of MONAD where your next available quest is "A Reason To Fight." The NPC to take this quest will not be there.

    Character name: Jinckx

    Character level: 210

    Character job: Luminous

    World name: Reboot

    Date and time of the incident: 4/29/2021 at 13:15 EST


    The quest description says Einar will also spawn at Skuas Entrance, so here is a picture of that map as well.

  • Battle Mages

    You are doing something very wrong if you find Battle mage weak. It is a very strong unfunded class and is highly underrated in my opinion. Mobbing is super easy as you just Dark Chain/Battle Burst to group them up, then Finishing Blow to kill them. Battle Burst is also very useful to travel across maps.

    For bossing, you need to make sure you are using both Condemnation and Dark Shock, as well as your choice of Aura (most choose Yellow Aura). Also use Grim Contract if you are only fighting 1 monster. This makes your attacks hit one mob for more damage. Attack with Finishing Blow, teleport up as soon as the animation for Finishing Blow has started, and repeat as soon as you hit the ground. You need to be pretty close for an up-teleport Dark Shock to hit the bosses. It takes a while to master. You can also teleport side to side the same way. Dark Shock is about 40% of your damage when bossing, so you need to get the attacking pattern down in order to boss efficiently. You'll also need to pop Dark Genesis every time it's up so that you have a Final Attack, and pop Battle Master for more Condemnation procs.

    Here's a demonstration of my battle mage in dojo: (this uses a side-to-side teleport as you can't teleport up in dojo)


  • Arlong endorses Donald Trump

    If he's still alive HAH

    He's only 5 years older than Donald lol

  • Arlong endorses Donald Trump

    This election is such a shame. We had an extremely well-versed candidate in Bernie Sanders and so much voter fraud happened. Maybe we'll see him again in 4 years.
  • Arlong endorses Donald Trump

    Literally all I got from everything you just said was I'm anti-black, anti-equal rights, pro-white, pro-police brutality, and I automatically assume that anyone that disagrees with me gets their information from buzzfeed.

    This thread is a joke.

    Mods, where's my block button?