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January 18, 1992


  • Looks like it's working now. Thanks for bringing it to the devs attention!
  • Ghiblee wrote: » Sqamp wrote: » -snip- Hello, We applied a fix for this issue where '[MONAD: The First Omen] A reason to Fight' quest could not be completed during today's maintenance. Are you still stuck after maintenance? If so, please le…
  • Bug type: Quest bug Brief bug summary: The bug from the previous version that didn't allow players to continue through Act 3 of MONAD is still present. The NPC to take the quest "A Reason To Fight" is not on the map, and the NPC Peytour is dupli…
  • Posted the above comment before getting in game and trying it out myself. It looks like now, the NPCs to start the quest "A Reason To Fight" aren't actually there anymore and we still can't proceed through Act 3 of MONAD. Einar is supposed to be …
  • Very sad to see this isn't being fixed in today's patch. Edit: jk thanks Nexon for fixing it
  • I'm stuck here too. Sparring in an endless loop with the same Act 2 quest still open, with only 1/3 of the materials needed to complete it.
  • Thanks for the write-up. I've never had the benefit of a party run -- What sort of advantage do you have with party members? Can you "overlap" attack sequences? Or is it only quicker because you reduce the chances of missed attacks? I believe you c…
  • You are doing something very wrong if you find Battle mage weak. It is a very strong unfunded class and is highly underrated in my opinion. Mobbing is super easy as you just Dark Chain/Battle Burst to group them up, then Finishing Blow to kill them.…
  • Rupaul's Drag Race All Stars (Cable) Oh true that! Who do you think will win? I haven't watched the last episode so I don't know if either were eliminated, but Alaska, Alyssa Edwards, and Katya slay me.
  • ehh idk if its only me but the closeness level drops?? Yes, closeness decays daily. Some of the NPCs (Kubinashi, Nue, Izuna, Yorozu) are locked/chained for me, how do I unlock them? Nue unlocks from a quest after you have 50 closeness with Ibaraki…
  • If he's still alive HAH He's only 5 years older than Donald lol
  • Game of Thrones (HBO GO) Once Upon A Time (Cable) Rupaul's Drag Race All Stars (Cable) Finding Prince Charming (Cable) Big Brother: Over The Top (CBS All Access) Naruto (Netflix) American Horror Story: Roanoke (Cable) Scream Queens (Cable) The Exorc…
  • Where do those %att and other effects add to you character? is it like a passive thing or a skill, im so confused. They add to your Wings of Fate! You only receive the effects when you have the NPCs equipped in the window and are wearing the cape!
  • This election is such a shame. We had an extremely well-versed candidate in Bernie Sanders and so much voter fraud happened. Maybe we'll see him again in 4 years.
  • I love iPhone because of how fast they are. I used to use Android but my phones would get so slow long before my two year contract would run out so I ended up switching and I've loved iPhone since! I've had my 6s since release and it is still as res…
  • Tengu also accepts emerald ore as a gift iirc. Update: Let's talk about Kubinashi > Let's talk about Kubinashi's past > Not even about her past as a commander? ^This gives +3 closeness to Nue. Thanks! I've added those to the guide!
  • I'd like to reach 500k range within the next month. I'm currently at 250k. Doesn't seem like an unreal goal.
  • Just do Zakum and RA with guildies daily and you'll each earn 5k.
    in Guild GP Comment by Sqamp September 2016
  • There is no faster way than getting 5k daily with as many guild members as possible.
    in Guild GP Comment by Sqamp September 2016