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  • how to farm mesos?

    Longest ride in bye bye in Malaysia's a decent map to meso farm with kanna. The monster there is lvl 139 and 140. (so you can meso farm there starting from level 130 or so.
    i don't really know any good meso maps around lvl 100 - 130 though :/
    I usually just farm and level up around 100 - 130

    Hope this Helps~
  • Colorful Pupil Eyes look so Similar to Doll face

    Salutations ヽ(´▽`)ノ

    So in the All-in-one Box it gave Everyone that got the Box a Royal Face Coupon.

    So i used mine and i got the Colorful Pupil

    It's pretty cute... but it looks so Similar to the Doll Face o-o


    that's the Colorful Pupil ^


    that's the Doll face ^

    Of course Both of them have different eye colors for the color of Violet and Doll face Eye's seem more Bigger

    But it reminded me of the Doll Face so much x_x

    I just posted this because i thought it was Funny xD

  • Perm Cash item in the cash shop (reboot ONLY)

    Hey everyone who's reading this, this is just gonna be ALL ON MY OPINION if you don't agree to it, that's alright just comment down if u have any issue with this . _. (don't tell me something like why nexon can't do it . _. because of course almost everyone's gonna think nexon won't do it)

    But Reboot lacks customization... in a way, Getting cash item's WAY harder since you can't get exactly what you're trying to get some... MOST of the time.(from premium surprise boxes)
    So why not just have the cash item they're selling for 90 days be perm. I know Nexon could be losing some money... because idk how many people really buy the 90 day cash items, but since most people joined reboot so they dont have to spend money to do huge damage. I don't think it would hurt to make the cash items in the shop that are 90 days turned into perm. Plus they can just increase the price. Especially on the popular perm items (Blush - face accessory as an example) like some other servers also do it, reboot and normal server *cough* KMS *cough*... idk what happened there ;^ ) must be getting a cold.

    Edit -
    I just noticed someone made a discussion about trading premium surprise box cash items... yea i didn't see that e_e"... but getting the cash items in the cash shop as perms would be nice c:

    It could also be one of those transparent gear events or whatever. As in time to time they release perm cash item versions.