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  • an option to get rid of the pop-up when logging in


    im talking about that pop-up btw ^

    is there an option to prevent that from popping up when i log into a character? It always freezes my maplestory and i barely use it.
    if there is please tell me and thank you

    if there isn't, can a staff move this to suggestion because i really hate this pop-up because it freezes my game for a moment sometimes short but sometimes long too.
  • Trait Item Improvement

    Im talking about the items that increase your traits (coffee, cologne, and etc.)
    when i farm those maps in the forest and i collect these, i rather use them than throw them out (because who wouldn't want free stats) but just because i want some small amount of buff duration, less exp loss, and higher scroll success i shouldn't have to hold down a key and just wait for it to go down one by one.

    it would be great if this game had a way where we can just use them all in a click or two. hey if it can make a minutes work into seconds that'd be great.

  • Moving the Top 5 dream defenders to somewhere else

    i am sick and tired of having to go down a map and get hit by the afk mob and having to click maple guide to go back to lach just to talk to the top 5 dream defender to get that extra defender coins.

    maybe move them to where dream defender map is? so we can just talk to them after we finish.

    And maybe let us talk to one npc to get all the extra dream defender coins?

    EDIT: also while im at it, another idea is letting us make our own guides? because once i hit lvl 220 or 230 (i don't remember) but nameless town was removed from the maple guide and its annoying having to open maple guide and having to do other things while when i can just click through and just go there when i was lvl 210 or something.

    you can call me lazy but it would be a good quality of life change

    AKradian wrote: »
    Mira wrote: »
    Aggraphine wrote: »
    Non-reboot doesn't need it. You have the option of buying them from the auction house or making a new character for the specific purpose of reacquiring an earring or ring that you've blown up. Reboot, on the other hand, has no choice but to suck it up and deal if they blow up a superior ring or earring.

    Why should regular servers have to go through the hassle of a) redoing those excrtiatingly long quests and getting carried to kill Gollux or b) forking over billions of mesos to buy replacements ? There is absolutely no reason why the shop shouldn't restock weekly/monthly, especially when gear progression is centered around a system that destroys your equipment.

    There is absolutely no reason?
    Tell that to the people whose main source of meso income is going through said excruciating quest and selling the ring and earring to those who'd rather pay than do it themselves.
    Allowing the shop to restock will change the economy of non-Reboot worlds, so it needs careful consideration.

    that might be true, but at the same time if the gollux gear did restock they would go down and it would cost less, which could also be a boost for f2p players so they can get higher star force in the game, and not create a whole character just to do gollux. While rebooters gets to do a run and get a replacement.

    also btw the non reboot world's economy already seems fucked to me since the playerbase are all over the servers and nexon not merging them. So i really don't think nexon gives a sht about the server's economy, and plus there's other ways for players to get meso still.

    Or if you really also just hate that idea, i don't think it would be too much of a struggle to turn them untradable, after it's restocked.
  • Why is my Range so low?

    HoneyWater wrote: »
    This is more of a joke, but you haven't spend enough money on the game yet.

    the more money you put = the more powerful you'll get.. maybe

    unless you're in reboot. You haven't put in your time then.

    im on reboot sorry forgot to mention

    you haven't wasted your time enough then. Keep meso farming, become like 75% of the reboot players and make a kanna and meso farm with it. Meso = Cubes.