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  • Jett Skill Revamp RANT

    This "revamp" is just dreadful and disgusting.

    It dragged Jett's DPM down into the abyss, turned her Nodes into garbage, and made bossing more risky than ever.

    If this is what Nexon calls "maximizing their efficiency" then I would rather not have those changes implemented at all.

    Just leave Jett alone.
  • Please add Alishan Train Chair to Gachapon


    Although Alishan Coins are no longer obtainable, you can still buy stuff from Shaoqing in the Event Hall.
  • Jett's Starline skills weaker than they should be


    As shown here, each Starline skill's damage after learning all of Jett's skills should be
    Starline One: 420% * 3 = 1260%
    Starline Two: 420% * 2 = 840%
    Starline Three: 400% * 3 = 1200%
    Starline Four: 470% * 3 = 1410%

    Besides Starline Two, all Starline skills have similar damage values. Assuming 1260% = 1, the damage ratio between the Starline skills is approximately 1 : 0.5 : 0.95 : 1.1.

    Well, at least it should be. I'm writing this post because it actually is NOT.


    As I was observing my Battle Statistic data, I found that Starline Four's damage was significantly higher than others. It was nearly 1.5 times stronger Starline One, when it should be only 1.1 times stronger. All other Starline skills did not deviate from the ratio written above. This means that either

    1. Starline Four is more powerful than it should be, or
    2. Other Starline skills are weaker than they should be.

    Well then, which theory is correct? Let's find out.


    For nice and fair results, I removed all my nodes before this 'experiment'.


    First I must calculate 1% of my damage. I used Stellar Impact, Starforce Salvo, and Strikeforce Showdown for my calculation. That way there's less chance of getting a misleading value.

    (All values are rounded to nearest whole number)

    Stellar Impact, as shown above, has 200% * 3 damage. Dividing 42,799,451 (Average Damage) by (200*3) yields the value of 71332.
    Starforce Salvo, as shown above, has 300% * 1 damage. But since I learned Starforce Salvo-Reinforce, it's actual damage is 320%. Dividing 23,175,190 by 320 yields the value of 72422.
    Strikeforce Showdown, as shown above, has 420% * 10 damage. Dividing 297,345,501 by (420*10) yields the value of 70797.

    All of the values are pretty close to each other, so I can safely assume that their average, 71517, is approximate 1% of my damage.

    Then the expected value of each Starline skill's damage should be
    Starline One: 420 * 3 * 71517 = 92,256,930 = 92 million
    Starline Two: 420 * 2 * 71517 = 60,074,280 = 60 million
    Starline Three: 400 * 3 * 71517 = 85,820,400 = 86 million
    Starline Four: 470 * 3 * 71517 = 100,838,970 = 101 million

    Let's see if the actual values match the expected values.


    % Error = [(Expected value - Actual value) / Expected value] * 100

    Starline One: [(92,256,930 - 67,479,035) / 92,256,930] * 100 = 26%
    Starline Two: [(60,074,280 - 47,588,666) / 60,074,280] * 100 = 21%
    Starline Three: [(85,820,400 - 62,016,930) / 85,820,400] * 100 = 28%
    Starline Four: [(100,838,970 - 95,624,139) / 100,838,970] * 100 = 5%

    Besides Starline Four, all other Starline skills are off of their expected values by at least 20%. Meaning that Theory 2 is correct - other Starline skills are weaker than they should be.

    I wouldn't post this if those skills aren't that important to Jett, but unfortunately they are. Starline One and Two are few of Jett's skills that could be used while jumping, so they are frequently used in mobbing.

    This glitch is critical to Jett. Please fix this issue as soon as possible.
  • Well, Jett's 5th job skill is totally useless

    well if it was a Bind the skill description would have said Bind, not stun.

    I dont believe there is a single skill in this game that calls a Bind a "Binding type stun", A Bind is a Bind and a Stun is a Stun.

    Unfortunately, this game was never kind/smart enough to clearly categorize Bind skills. The reason we call Bind skills 'Bind skills' is not because the game specifies them so, but because the first Bind skill ever is called Binding Darkness. In fact, few bind skills actually use the word bind.

    I don't disagree that this skill is decent for mobbing. The explosion hits up to 15 enemies and the its damage (not the singularity damage; that part of the skill is trash even at mobbing) is alright. But even if you only view it as a mobbing skill, that does not change the fact that its cooldown is unnecessarily long. Very few, if any at all, skills that only deal damage and have no other special effects have cooldown of 2-min or longer.
  • Now that you nerfed the Santa Box

    Some items in the V Coin Shop are virtually impossible to purchase.

    So according to my calculation, from the Hi-Five boxes you can get maximum 450 coins, and from the nerfed Santa boxes you can get maximum 210 coins. (Or even less due to that amazing 35-hour maintenance) That sums up to total of 660 coins. Maybe up to like 800 coins if you received all your Hot Day gifts on one character.

    Wow, that sounds like a lot of coins... and it would be only if everything doesn't cost like 500 coins! For an unknown reason, many items in the V Coin Shop cost absurd amount of coins. Hell, this one chair - ONE chair - costs 1300 coins. Other chairs and mounts, although not as expensive, also cost from 120 coins to 800 coins. The only reasonably-priced items I see are scrolls and tickets.

    Let's be honest. We all knew the nerf was coming. After all, the same exact thing happened last year with the Reboot update. The unlimited amount of coins from the Santa boxes, an issue where some characters don't get any drop coupons at all - these all happened last year, too. (Yes, they did not bother to fix that) But 10 coins per day? And since 12/14 is the last day of Hi-Five boxes, soon we will be left with only Santa boxes unless a new method of obtaining coins is introduced.

    Now I do realize that you don't want us to buy out the entire shop within few days. That would be 'no fun' in your standards, right? However at this rate many of us will barely manage to purchase one or two things... Or just give up on our original goals and buy something else. This dumb 10-coin limit must go away.