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  • Well the Matinance is Extened for awile..

    well i got my new burning toon to 25, then was kicked for the new maintenance...wheeeee!!
  • Well the Matinance is Extened for awile..

    you are not a true maple player, if you didnt expect that...lol
    I think it's more upsetting to see this:
    "[Update] The maintenance has been extended until further notice."
    They can't even manage to give us an estimated time which is really annoying since people would like to play the game as this update seems very interesting. I still don't know why they have to perform maintenances during the day when people are up and awake and even the kids are out of school. I don't know why the game developers/technical staff can't work late at night the one time that they have a "scheduled" maintenance like this one. It just seems like common sense, and a good business move to adjust your hours to a big content update since a large number of players play the game during the day. But what do I know

    Because they know that u will still playing xD
    More like because they don't want to work at night either, which is reasonable. blizzard performs maintenance on their servers during the day too.

    but blizzard doesnt usually extend maintenance time, every time they add a patch...i think it might be because blizzard actually test the patches before they go live with them.
  • survey on close

    can we get rid of the survey on 'quit', or atleast move it to on exit? if im switching toons, i dont need it to pop up, and move maple to the background, so annoying...ive actually completed the survey three times, hoping it would stop, but it still insist on randomly opening IE, when i decide to switch toons...
  • Lagging a lot of the Octobere 27th maintenance

    This fixed it earlier for me, then when 2x started, the lag just reappeared all of the sudden, and the chat system is unreachable again, even with the fix in place. Nexon needs to remove the new chat system, or fix the issue, the game is unplayable with this stutter lag.