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  • Removing Nebs for Flames

    The developers are doing a nice way to kill this game off...
    All the money people spent for nebulites and drop rate gear are now being screwed over one update at a time if anything this is now making it harder for new players who were just starting to catch up.

    This is a perfect example of why I don't play games that are this old...
    Spent a lot of hard times trying to cube my gear so I can get decent skills on my gear and now that's being taken away, I'm gonna give this game a week or 1 month after the update and if not happy I believe this is a sign it's time to move on in life...

    You can complain all you want all that complaining that went on with the drop rate nerf I can see how much your voices made to this company NONE.
    Walk away then your voice will be heard..
  • We all want a merge

    Safe to say the decline in MapleStory is mainly due to the fact that a good percent of the player base has grown up and had to move on to adult things thus the lack of players in the game.
    There are many other things that are causing the decline as well, I'm sure it has to do with the lack of stuff to do, limited to doing most bosses once a week or once a day, lack of in-game content that allows you to do more then train and boss.

    MapleStory 2 Closed Beta was interesting how their were mini-games like X & O and Soul Survivor I think it was called?
    The only downfall about MapleStory2 that looks like will happen is how easy it is to level up just doing quests only thing left to do after that is craft stuff or make your gear better and that's just a short amount of stuff I mention because I don't feel like ranting anymore in this post wanna do do something else so that's where I end this for now.
  • Poor maple anniversary

    I swear MapleStory 9th anniversary was the best one at least we didn't have to pay real money to get prime scrolls...
    This is MapleStory's worst Birthday so far.