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  • KMS vs Black Mage - The Result

    Come on every one admit it the only reason you play MapleStory is for that one lucky Marvel spin you get a Frenzy Totem and you double up and get a second Frenzy Totem.
    Then you decide you have the best luck of the day and you gamble your whole paycheck on Black Jack and lose all your money in a single hand.

    That's the MapleStory I know of.
  • World Merge FAQ

    Well at least GRAZED prices will drop level 200 gear should flood the game soon.
    I gave up on this game due to in-game bulling, very sad community GRAZED is I was the most hated by a lot of the players because I always got their botting accounts ban.

    Their was no other good reason to not like me, not like I was ksing anyone I tried to fit in but never was accepted, no point in playing if you're going to be forced to play by yourself because you don't want to be part of a botter group.

    Nexon didn't kill MapleStory the community killed the game, overpricing gear new players can't afford to buy keeps new people from being able to play.
    If you're not part of a "clique" then you're not welcome. I have played this game since 2006 a lot of my friends moved on in life but I stayed behind because MapleStory was all I liked to play, after spending Thousands of dollars over the years I found that the game was no longer fun anymore.
  • Mind blown

    What's more mind blowing is the graphics are BMP in 2018...
    MapleStory graphics always appealed to me the amount of details for the characters is pretty impressive for a 2d game, As far as I'm concerned, MapleStory has the best graphics then any game of it's kind and I have played plenty of 2d games.

    Graphic designers of this game should be proud of their work, League of Legends, DOTA 2, WoW games just do not appeal to me... The graphics in them games aren't impressive to me.
  • Attracting more people to MapleStory

    Pretty sad whoever is behind the marketing of the game is really bad...
    Think about it all that money this company wastes trying to advertise MapleStory, the easiest and most effective way to go get exposure is MapleStory Swag, I've been planning to do this myself rather then waste $100+ on paying to advertise my website it's easier just to give away shirts that make people my walking bill board.

    $200 in given away shirts would be cheaper in the long run in my view my thoughts is that I plan to buy shirts to advertise my website and then take them to the local Goodwill and donate them, When people go in there looking for clothes and they see a brand new shirt for like $3-5 a bit hard to pass up people who wear might not have a clue what it is but the fact that they go out in public wearing my shirt possibility that people may see the shirt and get curious to look at the site.

    Talking a lot of people are gonna see the shirt yeah maybe a lot of them won't care but to me it's the cheapest way to get the site out there.

  • MapleStory Screen shots

    So, I haven't looked but hopefully I missed that part in-game, but either way... I'm surprised that screen shots aren't in a default folder labeled "screenshots" because having the screen shots in the main MapleStory folder is annoying....