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  • Maplestory V Update Stream: Question Thread

    Yes, I have a question. With the 5th job patch, will you fix the bug where the kinesis class cannot replenish PP using mana potions? It seems like a gamebreaking issue.
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  • Recent Content Feedback

    This is gonna sound a bit salty because every good thing has a downside to it.

    • What are your favorite parts of MapleStory’s last few content updates (For example: QoL changes, class rebalancing, Haunted Mansion, Secret Stories, Afterlands or MMF)?
    The QoL changes are what really gets me excited the most, although we still have a long way to go, it's nice to see that we're at least going in the right direction with optimization and general improvements of features within the game. I do like that there was some attention directed towards the marriage system, although I am still very disappointed in the new ring effects and how old rings didn't get their effects. There has not been an official word on that yet either.
    I miss Star Planet but I understand why it was removed, but I'm still mad that it was removed instead of fixed.
    • Do you enjoy story-driven content like Heroes of Maple and Secret Stories? If so, what are your thoughts on our newest story content?
    I really like the story content, although I wish Secret Stories wasn't timelimited. I haven't had a chance to play through it yet. I don't think that closing Haunted Mansion off to be a seasonal region after all these years was a good idea.
    • To you as a player, what is MapleStory’s biggest draw?
    The customization and various ways to progress within the game. The amount of character controlled that's allowed with it being a 2D sidescroller, as opposed to a click-attack game. It feels much more rewarding to control your character like this. There is also a lot of things to do depending on your mood, grind your brains out or do story content, or collect things, or be a merchant, practice bosses. The game itself has really improved content-wise and most of the content is achievable free-to-play as well.
    Now, if only we could make PQing popular again...
    • What are your expectations for the quality of MapleStory’s localization?
    I find the localization of most content to be pretty good and I appreciate how hard it is to translate witty lines to still be funny and make sense within the context. There are some grammatical errors... well, a lot. But I don't recall it having an overly negative effect on my experience. I should note that English is not my first language, though.
    • Does the localization of recent content fall short of, meet, or exceed those expectations?
    Pretty average, I'd say.
    • In recent updates, what do you feel we have handled well?
    Pretty acceptable maintenance-times.
    With the huge patches we've had, less things broke than expected.
    • What could we have handled better?
    Communication, communication, communication.
    1. The "issue" with namechanges wasn't addressed until the very last moment when people realized their names hadn't been changed. This makes it look like Nexon just blatantly forgot it and then made up an excuse to cover it up (made obvious by the fact that the namechanges wasn't even listed in the maintenance notes to begin with). If there had been an actual issue, I would have liked this to have been noted in there or anywhere else as to avoid disappointment and confusion. Same thing with the accidental lifting of the IP blocks. It somehow took TWO maintenances to reinstate the IP blocks, and nothing was said until the very last minute when people had already started investing in their accounts.
    2. The lag issue wasn't addressed AT ALL aside from a ninja-edit in one of the maintenance notices. Which by the way, was far too late. The community had to make a hotfix for themselves because nobody at Nexon seemed to give a crap. Not to mention this was during a 2X weekend. It should have been a priority to address and fix this issue as soon as possible. They were so very quick to reapply the outdated rigid word-filter (which by the way, is not optimized in the least and was later removed from the Better Maple section), everything else should be handled that swiftly.
    3. There is a flood of bugreports that are not being addressed either. KTBN does his best when he's around and feels like poking around in that pile of junk. Many people are having 3-4 similar issues and content is unusable because of these issues, yet there has been no word on them in weeks. Many of us feel that nothing gets looked at unless we make a big fuss about it or self-bump until the end of days.
    There was a suggestion about a more organized and transparent bugreporting system a while back, I feel like we could benefit from something like that.
    4. The patch notes and event details should be much more detailed to avoid confusion and unintentional exploiting. There was literally nobody crying out for "condensed" patchnotes to become a thing. Nobody wanted that. We wanted MORE information. More ACCURATE information.
    For example, the uncertainty around the Reboot Master-Class medal. Event ran for like a month and several GMs gave incorrect information on the matter. Finally, a week or two before the event ended, KTBN gave clarification on the event. And then there was still a mix-up with the distribution of rewards.
    All of this could have been avoided if the medal and its requirements had been listed in the patch notes to begin with.
  • IP Block + Migration

    Is there a problem with letting European players create new accounts before the merge though? I could have seen licensing issues being part of it if not for the fact that the merge is already delayed by quite a bit. I'd love to make a kanna account for myself soon since I have no other pre-block accs to use.
  • Guild/ Buddy Chat Bugs+Glitched

    There was just this a year ago. Seems they were unable to recreate the bug on their end though.
  • [Khroa] Looking for active friends !

    Come on it takes literally 2 seconds to find the actual image source if you're gonna use someone else's artwork: http://refinition.deviantart.com/art/Maplestory-Zero-Child-of-God-Alpha-and-Beta-389655671