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  • Game Launcher disappears after it's reveal

    Xatra wrote: »
    I still can't play...
    I tried re-installing the game,
    veryifying the game files
    reinstalling nexon launcher even though I use steam to play it... my friends are having this problem too and we want to play the game again...
    just 2 weeks ago I played the game and it was all fine..

    When you launch do you see the Nexon Game Security pop up?
  • Android in gacha but no heart in Reboot

    I actually have a heart without stats. Kinda weird, it is like really old also. So it is probably possible maybe to implement a heart that just enables the android without stats.
  • The maplestory facebook site

    The way I see it a large part of the Facebook demographic are potential returning players that often are stuck in the past. Some of them do not seem to have a broad understanding of how MapleStory is right now, because you really have to play it fairly regularly to keep up.

    Also behind every "plz bring pre bb back" statement is love for the core game and massive nostalgia. It is really just passion for the game. Maybe not the way it is now, but they are still fans. They might not do dailies anymore or even play at all. Still at one point they were players just like us.

  • [Text] Untranslated text


    I have forwarded this issue :)
  • Please get rid of Kishin already

    Harmless wrote: »
    Invulgo wrote: »
    Harmless wrote: »
    It is the cancer that is killing this game.

    What about the Frenzy Totem then?

    It should go as well, but seriously doubt that will happen, as nexon will lose money. A slighty nerfed version is the best we can hope imo.
    SuperJonic wrote: »
    To be fair, I don't see kishin as a problem. So why remove a skill to butcher the class even further?
    microwave wrote: »
    Invulgo wrote: »
    Harmless wrote: »
    It is the cancer that is killing this game.

    What about the Frenzy Totem then?

    another cancer more in the game and the worst of all ... when the frenzy totem appeared the game hurt more
    ShokunKaYo wrote: »
    Invulgo wrote: »
    Harmless wrote: »
    It is the cancer that is killing this game.

    What about the Frenzy Totem then?

    The thing about Frenzy totem is that it's not gonna get abused like kishin is being abused. They're items worth over 2 grand USD. There won't be bunch of hackers with multiple accounts meso botting with frenzy totems. Not really comparable

    Perhaps not but it would be really increase the pay2win gap in the game. A decent spawn should not be available for money like that in my opinion. A good spawn should be free and available for everyone that loves MapleStory.
    AKradian wrote: »
    Disclaimer: The following are my personal opinions and thoughts, which do not represent anything Nexon or my fellow VFMs might be thinking.

    First, a personal confession: I like plentiful, fast spawn.
    I just find it a lot more fun to hit a lot of enemies at once, than to chase them down one or two at a time.
    I remember back when I started playing, in 2008, one of the things I enjoyed the most was CPQ. Trade wins, max Trojans and Haste. As a Fighter I had the amazing mobbing skill Slash Blast, which could hit up to 6 enemies at once - provided they were really close, because back then melee was really melee. And CPQ let that actually happen. I could stand there and spam Slash Blast and hear and see it hit 4-6 Trojans every time. It was fun.
    And I remember LKC when we first got it, when the mobs were like mini-bosses that no-one could hope to 1-hit, but were also a sparse few per map. The EXP was great, but it wasn't nearly as much fun. It felt so wasteful to be using a skill that could hit 3 enemies on just one or two at a time, and to spend so much of my time walking to the next enemy (Warriors didn't have FJ back then).
    So, for my own personal biased sense of fun, I'd prefer a solution that allows increased spawn to continue to exist, rather than a solution that takes it away and increases EXP and Drop instead.

    In addition to that, we have the problem that increased EXP and Drop would stack with Frenzy (and we all know Frenzy is never getting removed). And we also still have all the "kill X enemies" quests that become more tedious on base spawn.

    "But Kishin makes the servers lag!"
    As some people pointed out before me, it can't be Kishin alone that's causing it. We had years of "glitched" spawn in all maps, and the servers didn't lag.
    In my opinion, what is causing the lag is the hackers that use Kishin - and then kill everything in the map faster than any legitimate player can. That, along with whatever new processing Nexon has added over the years to every skill cast and attack (some of it, ironically, in an effort to detect hacking), is what is overloading our servers. In my opinion.
    I don't know why Nexon has been unable to reliably detect this too-fast killing and ban for it. They keep false-flagging people who lag, instead.
    If they can get it right and force botters to kill at no better than legit player speed, I believe the server overload issue would be solved.
    But I will continue this post under the assumption that such detection is not feasible for them.

    Aside regarding motivation to cheat
    Reducing or removing the need for meso won't remove hacking bots from the game.
    It's human nature. As long as there is any challenge or difficulty at all in a game, there will be those willing to pay for shortcuts - and those willing to supply the shortcuts for a profit. All games suffer from cheaters. The games with fewer cheaters just have better technology to block or catch them, or better legal environment to scare them.
    And obviously we can't remove all challenge from the game, or it will just be "Welcome to Maplestory. You win!"

    So, the solution we should aim for, is one that would allow legitimate players to enjoy increased spawn, while making it considerably harder for cheaters to do so.

    Some ideas I have heard or thought of for how to do that:
    1. Solutions that leave the Kishin Shoukan skill as it is
      1. Make Kanna, like Zero and BT, only able to be created during specific events.
        This would mean that botters would not be able to instantly generate a new Kanna bot to replace one that got banned.
        Botters would still be able to create a "stockpile" of millions of Kanna accounts when it is opened for creation, and then start using them as needed. Nexon would need to develop some kind of tracking for such dormant accounts to hopefully detect and squash them as soon as they become active.
        Also, half-year intervals like Zero or BT might be too big. Reboot relies on Kanna meso farming, and a new player not able to do that for up to six months is at a severe disadvantage. Kanna creation events would need to be held at higher frequency than those other seasonal classes, at least for Reboot.
      2. Make Kanna, like Zero, only able to be created when there is already a high-level other character on the account.
        This would slow botters down some, as they would have to bot some other class to the specified high level before they can make the Kanna. It would give more time for Nexon to detect and ban the account before it starts being a big load on the servers.
    2. Solutions that remove the spawn effect from Kishin Shoukan (and solve the 2PC meta, while we're at it)
      1. Make "decent Monolith" skill nodes for 5th job.
        We know some bots do make it to 5th job, and supply the normal server Auction Houses with nodestones and droplets. However, there are far fewer of them than lower-level meso-farming bots in all other areas, either because they get caught or because their operators don't bother with 5th job. If the number of bots with spawn-increase capabilities remains low, the servers won't choke.
      2. Make "mini Frenzy" totems (expiring and with kishin-like spawn effect) available in a way bots can't exploit, such as:
        • Put a 30-day mini-Frenzy as one of the last items in Fairy Bros daily gifts.
          This would mean that an account newer than 3-4 weeks can't obtain it. Can we trust Nexon to detect and ban a bot laying low and doing Fairy Bros and nothing else for a month?
        • Put mini-Frenzy in the Legion shop.
          Legion requires at least 5 characters over 60 and at least 500 cumulative levels on the account.
          Not that botters can't create that. But, again, it gives Nexon time to detect and ban the account before it becomes a server-load problem.
        • Put mini-Frenzy in the Maple Rewards shop.
          Bots can be programmed to boss for Reward Points, of course. But it takes time to farm a significant amount of RP, and, again, more chance of getting detected and banned.
        • Change the ways mini-Frenzy is offered from month to month.
          Much like the hyper teleport rocks we get at random from Maple Missions, Hot Weeks, Fairy Bros, attendances, and other events. Would make it difficult for the bot-runners to keep programming their bots to do whatever is required to get the current mini-Frenzy.

    Opinions? Other ideas?

    This solution is great. I 100% agree with everything. Only thing I would like to suggest is limiting account creation. Players should be allowed to own maximum of five accounts. Doing that would need some type of verification system, for instance phone verification or an authenticator. This has been suggested many times in the past by various players and volunteers. Botting is a circular problem, ban one and another appears. Stop the circle and the problem is reduced significantly. There will always be players that work around it, but making it harder to have accounts to cheat on is the best way to fight it in my opinion.