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  • Sengoku Hakase Badge

    Soga wrote: »
    Either bring them back or delete them please.

    Nah don't delete them Nexon doesn't need any more help angering the player base atm with all the kms fiasco that trickled down to us... But what do you expect from a corporation... they try to make as much profit as possible and some don't have any conscience so greed runs wild.
  • Sengoku Hakase Badge

    Supporting my Bro Timmy! Demon Avenger 4 life or until the end of Nexon's rule over maple... which may or may not end, not sure they can save themselves this time. Pottable badges for GMS should have never been removed period, That has always been my stance who wants to be disadvantaged to those you compete with inside your own class at least with dojo, this game is absolutely competitive if you want to be lol.
  • Fix Demon Avengers LOW Boss Damage plz(fix inside)

    Hello Everyone! An Introduction to myself, I am a long time standing Demon Avenger main on Bera(Ex-zenith server xfer during the Bera mass exodus world xfer.) with more than 5 years of playing and maining Demon Avenger, I have come to the conclusion as stated in the title. I will now go on to explain in detail and sorry but more than once about what the issues are and how I feel that it can be easily fixed/rectified with my suggested change...

    Demon Avenger's end game bossing damage is terrible. This is largely in part due to demonic frenzy's potential +33% final damage being tied to being low health! We have had TOO many end game Demon Avenger's up and quit from the neglect this issue is causing. Idiot quit... GMS's most highest funded demon avenger(THE GUY EVEN HAD A 6L 22* PERFECT OUTLAW HEART)could only clear floor 61 in Mu Lung Dojo whereas others in different classes with his equivalent funding are hitting floors in the 70s. I see the problem and I am letting you Nexon the company know what it is and a suggestion on how to fix it...

    I make this decision based on the fact a guild hero with much less funding than me is soloing hard Lotus/Damien in less than half the time it takes me(22 mins) he does in 10 mins and I am as aggressive as I can be. 33% of our final damage is tied up in a skill(demonic frenzy) and a situation(final damage scaling based on low health) that makes accessing that final damage literally impossible past 3 seconds on target your full health and getting no +final damage% making it a waste. That damage should be moved else where and not be tied to being low health to obtain it. I suggest Demonic Frenzy should just be a flat +%final damage bonus not tied with low health scaling. So that we don't lose a significant portion of our classes potential final damage% locked away under a condition that can't be kept up for any meaningful periods of time(literally 2-3 seconds of dpsing when you get to true end game), it feels like a poor design intended to deflate this classes' end game damage potential...

    ...So many new Demon Avengers I took upon myself to nurture into the class and to just watch them up and leave as soon as they hit > lomien end game bossing this is a shame... Demonwithin, Idiot, Ayys, Beware(quit Demon Avenger moved his in game name to a new class), AvengedHell, Alexlands, Consumed, HennyHenry, slap, this is only some of the Demon Avengers I befriended and watched as they chose to either quit or leave the class as soon as they got to beyond lomien end gaming. Minus Idiot... he was more my rival. My good bud Execute is still hanging in there but reducing his play time like me... waiting and a honorable mention to my friend Twig as well not sure if she still maining Demon Avenger or just hangs around to socialize!

    On to the specifics of the issues affecting Demon Avenger's end game bossing:

    Too much of our damage is locked into this notion of being at low hit points to get the maximum final damage % boost from demonic frenzy. This sounds good in theory, but the reality of it is, is a low hp demon avenger during end game bossing is a DEAD demon avenger. It doesn't make sense to attempt to fight the boss aiming to lower your hps to get a boost to your damage and that theoretical +33% final damage just goes up in smoke because any time your dealing damage to the boss EFFECTIVELY like during bursts/binds we easily heal to full in a mere moment of our burst combo and we get +0 of that +33% final damage in the time we need our final damage% boosts.... THE MOST! ...IT JUST DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE, JUST A GROSS UNJUST WASTE OF POTENTIAL DAMAGE BEING LOCKED AWAY THAT WE CAN'T TRULY UTILIZE, BUT BECAUSE IT EXISTS WE GET PUNISHED AND DEAL LESS DAMAGE IN GENERAL SINCE WE CAN THEORETICALLY CALL UPON THAT +33% FINAL DAMAGE BOOST(BUT NOT REALLY, SINCE YOU EITHER DIE IMMEDIATELY FOR TRYING TO USE IT OR YOU RECHARGE TO FULL HP AND GET NO FINAL DAMAGE BONUS... IT HONESTLY FEELS LIKE A SCAM OR PERHAPS HONEST MISTAKE JUST TO DRAIN A CLASS OF POWER ARTIFICIALLY.

    What I suggest to fix this problem is to remove the scaling final damage % based on low health altogether from Demonic Frenzy AND give the skill a flat 10% final damage boost for activating the skill in lieu of the scaling potential +33% final damage that is being under utilized 99.99% of the time in end game boss fights. Honestly we are currently not even utilizing even 1% of that skills final damage% in real end game bossing scenarios with or with out a Breath of Divinity ring(bod ring users get absolute 0% final damage from Demonic Frenzy as the Dawn Shield skill ensures that you have 100% health under the shield and it was intentionally designed so that Demon Avenger's skill HP costs come out of the regenerating shield rather than the actual HP underneath it). *Note Demonic Frenzy is not our mobbing skill.

    Other important factors to note:

    -Breath of divinity ring, our skills hp consumption comes out of the recharging shield instead of our hps under the shield makes it impossible to get any of the up to +33%final damage from demonic frenzy period(making the final damage on the skill = to +0% all the time if your a Breath of Divinity ring using demon avenger.)

    -The new 4th 5th job skill for Demon Avenger Revenant, I assumed how easily it was going to be to keep my hps at 1 and being unable to die to get the maximum final damage boost from demonic frenzy while also getting the added damage procs from the Revenant skill itself(this was supposed to be the game changing skill to solo hard lucid or so I thought)... what I found was, its use can't lower my hps to 1 while i am effectively bursting a binded target(I heal to full too fast to get any sort of meaningful +final damage% from the skill), THIS SKILL IS NOT the game changing burst Demon Avenger's needed for hard lucid solos until the underlying issue with 33% of our classes final damage being locked away in circumstances that CAN'T HAPPEN or at least not even for any meaningful shots of time to benefit burst/bind combos, it is not even enough to pose any kind of damage advantage. IT IS JUST A PAPER TIGER any time we get on our target effectively our damage range decreases and we are punished for it, this mechanic needs to be changed to be more fun and rewarding for sticking to our target. (Funny note I added Revenant to my skill build for MU Lung Dojo and lost a dojo floor, that's pathetic!)

    In Ending:

    Please Nexon remove the potential +33% final damage based on low hp scaling from Demonic Frenzy and give us a more fair rounded bonus like +10% final damage at all times for the skill instead. I rather have something than truly nothing (Nothing being the conclusion I have come to after I have viewed and studied the current demonic frenzy's mechanic in its current state.) Low health damage scaling is just not a good functionality for our class. It is essentially equivalent to next to nothing of that potential +33% final damage, you will only ever utilize <1% of that final damage% in reality). Plus this will make it much easier to balance the classes damage to other classes since you won't have to factor in the possibility to use that +33% final damage(which is just not there, truthfully in another sense you could call this skill +33% final damage for the 1st hit +20% final damage for the 2nd hit +10% final damage for the 3rd final damage and then +0% onward cause your at full health... SO HOW MUCH OF A BOOST DID U REALLY GET OUT OF THAT +33% final damage maybe <1% if you averaged it out lol!? a boost for a few attacks and then lower damage scaling than most other classes from then on out as penance for the impossible possibility of having +33% final damage from this skill LOL, such annoyance!

    Demon Avenger's damage has fallen below the pack and I mean like the lower middle of the pack and this little final damage trick played on us by Nexon of hiding and locking away 33% of our final damage within our own classes' skill and putting an unrealistic requirement of being near death for starters but the moment you jump your target to burst your no longer on deaths door in literally 2 seconds once on the target so how much burst did u actually do in that 1-2 seconds of your 10-15 second burst/bind combo? Keep in mind as it scales up in the 1st 2 seconds you further get less of that 33% final damage till it is 0% in THE 1ST 2 SECONDS OF YOUR BURST COMBO... it is LITERALLY FAKE RANGE MEANT TO HURT DEMON AVENGER'S POWER & SCALING NEXON MAKE IT FAIR PLEASE!

    Adding a petition to sign for support of the issues I brought up.

    Thank you so much for any support this receives.
  • Returning Player

    Hwayobi wrote: »
    Hello! I am a returning player and looking to play with some people or join a guild. I think my highest leveled character is level 170? Maybe I am wrong. But I have been playing on and off since 2017 and this game isn't really enjoyable alone. I do not mind making a new character, especially now since we have the burning event!

    how invested as a returning player are you, you heard of the f2p server reboot... go anywhere but there =D
  • Double Miracle Time Cube Package Limitation

    Argent wrote: »
    Can't say I'm surprised by any of this though. Nexon seems like they want to further slow progression down, despite lowering Exp requirements. Hoping this all backfires on them and whoever is making these asinine decisions gets a reality check, but in all likelihood, players are desperate and will buy off sale.

    IN BEFORE REMOVAL OF MESO MARKET, no more easy maple points for you lol!