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  • remove DMT 4 reboot forever, regular servers only!

    as title states rebooters are already spoiled enough. DMT causes nothing but problems for reboot... Time to make THE Double Miracle Time a regular server only event please and thanks Nexon.

    I should have been more clear. DMT is an absolutely terrible idea for reboot BECAUSE reboot by far and large has the largest populace of any server. When you have half a million players all logging in for the special event that IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST due to how ridiculously op this event is for reboot player progression. You get server over load and Nexon is not going to upgrade the reboot servers where their smallest revenue stream comes from *assuming so*.

    Regular servers will never have the same extremely high turn out EVER in comparison, since to roll any meaningful number of cubes you gotta pay.... So the turn out for dmt is far less cause of the pay wall on regular servers, thus far less latency/lag issues for normal servers even during dmt as compared to reboot.

    reboot population is in no way important to gms regular servers and nexon america. I hope Nexon realizes this and cuts away reboot with a scalple if service is ever threatened to shut down gms as a whole.
  • please don't add coin cost to starforcing gollux

    there are already a circus of people who have 22* gollux. I been hearing expressed concern over the gollux rework may make it harder for attaining the gollux gear or hurdles being added in the form of adding a coin cost to star forcing gollux gear like the masteria set. which is largely unpopular 99% of the player base if not 100% hate that change. plz don't ruin gollux gear and if you are going to go ahead ignoring your player base and doing it any way, then make all dark boss accessories a guaranteed drop from their respective boss. so we can cheeply acquire and sf the dark boss set and do away with gollux all together.
  • Bean Brigade confusion?

    Uhh curious what the perks are for being accepted as a Bean Brigadier? I am guessing this, but maybe they will get exclusive access or more information on future game updates and perhaps a greater voice/influence for changes to be applied by the community for forwarding to Nexon? Maybe this will be considered as a paid job your hired into, or is it all passion/volunteer work?

    As far as I can understand it, as it is there are some negatives by being accepted as a Bean Brigadier as well. "As I see it" you give up all ownership rights to unique content you create to Nexon and on top of that you give up your freedom of speech to give any negative or constructive criticism to any thing directed towards Maplestory or Nexon. Finally I'm not quite sure about this, but if you were to betray/break the agreement you may be held liable to be possibly sued for violating the terms of such an agreement as you are voluntarily giving all your personal identification to Nexon as part of the terms?

    Looking forward to clarification and curious to hear about other players' opinions on this. Any one interested in joining the bean brigade?
  • Sengoku badge in maplefest 2019 reward box?

    I am making this prediction now, that on top of the maplefest emblem you will also get a sengoku badge in the maplefest reward box. I could be wrong... but you watch me be right lol.
  • Paradigm Shift: Incoming to Nexon!

    Belgium is only the beginning! Every country in the world is going to follow suite eventually here and disallow loot boxes, I think China will be next to pull that trigger and I couldn't be more excited! Random reward purchases with real life currency is going to be a thing of the past and I think this is going to be a very healthy and needed change for the better for the world's gaming population. Nexon's current CEO is bailing, selling all his shares in Nexon and since I am pretty certain he sees the possible allegations of being held accountable for collecting money from selling loot boxes in the 1st place and face being sued by class action law suites. He is fleeing in the hopes he can avoid losing all his ill gotten gains, while he can. I hope going forward there will be a paradigm shift to promote a more healthy game play experience where you don't need to spend copious amounts of money to be successful in games like Maplestory.

    In ending this is exciting news for the future of gamers, the world is closing the doors surely but slowly on these exploitative business practices in the gaming business sectors whether mobile, pc or console. I just hope that companies like Nexon, EA games and the likes find a more altruistic way to persevere through this soon to be trying times of change and hopefully my beloved Maplestory survives through it all... I hope!

    Leave your opinions, I am excited to see some responses!