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  • Why do patches make us worry?

    Sashi wrote: »
    Have you guys ever touched coding ? A tiny bit at all ?

    Sometimes everything is working fine then when you run a last test, nothing works.
    (This literally happens to me every time ..... )

    They probably have to recheck everything from start to finish every time that happens. They don't suck at what they do, things just happen.

    I don't know how bad you are messing up your functions but that is not true in the slightest. If you actually knew anything about game DEV then what you said is just dumb, nothing just works fine then stops working unless you change something or rewrite a function or condition heck maybe you just had a memory leak or dead locked your code either way things don't work then just break in coding with out cause. Also if they wrote in notes on things that they "FIXED" and or changed then this issue shouldn't happen as they would be able to sift through the code easier readings notes to find where the most recent change was and go from there. Not to mention 98% of GMS code is just copy paste translate of KMS code the 2% being GMS exclusive content ofc. But this isn't an issue with coding this is an issue of communication cause clearly internal communication is non-existent. If they had better communication this wouldn't be an issue also wouldn't kill them to properly test there source code before releasing.
  • Why Party Quests are dead?

    If they put a daily limit on PQ's but make it so they give amazing EXP (far better then what you could get training) also have the exp scale to level up to around level 220 and give a bit better rewards like exp coupons, extra boss passes etc. That would promote a lot of party play and make the game more enoyable because you wouldn't have to mindless solo grind the whole time