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  • It's time for a change.

    Sorrow wrote: »
    What happens to players that don't own a phone? Will they be able to play their account?

    I'm sorry but this made me laugh. If they have a computer to play the game they have a phone simple enough this is 2017.
  • Why do patches make us worry?

    Considering the Korean version doesn't have this problem I'm guessing it may be the fact that we have other implemented stuff that kms doesn't so they may have to work around it. Though nexon is more than competent to be more professional than this which is what saddens me. Then idk why I won't hear about JMS having the same problem.

    It seems that the black mage is trying to get out maple and into the real world by using the nexon maintenance because there's no way that it couldn't be any other way I could see them having so many problems. Black Mage is the true end game since day one

    OK back to real talk tho there has to be some mis-communication and laziness happening somewhere, like it's been months and Rose Carte Finale still hasn't been fixed? Simple stuff like that shouldn't remain unsolved and unfixed, and if they can't fix that adequately I don't see them fixing anything with mediocrity especially the big things
    We're talking about the company that literally came out in a live stream and said Jett's skill "Staffall" now has no cooldown, then to just turn around and say jk it was just a bug... Not only that they seem to just be winging everything they do at least the American version of this company. I'm sorry but there is nothing professional about anything Nexon America does, but I digress point is how can you say that you rescheduled the maintenance mid maintenance and still leave the servers down the whole time. The level of incompetence in that is baffling. To top that all off they extend it even further I can't possibly facepalm any harder at that and it's not like this is a one time thing this is every patch they ever release so for once can they please show a bit of professionalism and properly prepare for stuff.
  • Why Party Quests are dead?

    If they put a daily limit on PQ's but make it so they give amazing EXP (far better then what you could get training) also have the exp scale to level up to around level 220 and give a bit better rewards like exp coupons, extra boss passes etc. That would promote a lot of party play and make the game more enoyable because you wouldn't have to mindless solo grind the whole time