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  • Sorrow wrote: » What happens to players that don't own a phone? Will they be able to play their account? I'm sorry but this made me laugh. If they have a computer to play the game they have a phone simple enough this is 2017.
  • Yolo wrote: » Drop rate as a whole was nerfed that includes boss, event and even recipes etc etc. Funny how these threads always turn into Nodestone drop rate threads. I think the drop nerf wasn't necessary and should have never been implemente…
  • AlexF wrote: » Heyo, Would you be able to take a video of this happening? sure when my friends get back on I will
  • Sashi wrote: » Have you guys ever touched coding ? A tiny bit at all ? Sometimes everything is working fine then when you run a last test, nothing works. (This literally happens to me every time ..... ) They probably have to recheck everyth…
  • TransformingThunder wrote: » Considering the Korean version doesn't have this problem I'm guessing it may be the fact that we have other implemented stuff that kms doesn't so they may have to work around it. Though nexon is more than competent to …
  • If they put a daily limit on PQ's but make it so they give amazing EXP (far better then what you could get training) also have the exp scale to level up to around level 220 and give a bit better rewards like exp coupons, extra boss passes etc. That…
  • Not just that Eye of Time familiar by itself seems to have a lot lower chance of dropping then other familiars at it's level and above it's level so I think it's just the familiar by itself that is hard to get
  • most games do so I don't think they would really have an issue with it but it's safe to ask try asking on live chat?
  • Lilyflower wrote: » Maniacl wrote: » If you report that on live chat they will get banned on the spot most of the time it's pretty funny actually like posting a video on the live chat yeah... I doubt it everybody does that but they don't get ba…
  • July wrote: » Maniacl wrote: » Omega Sector has you covered Have fun. thats 160-180 not true star force maps give great exp all the way till 200
  • not even close back in v97 when chaos dropped still holds the record
  • If you report that on live chat they will get banned on the spot most of the time it's pretty funny actually
  • Omega Sector has you covered Have fun.