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  • Remove "Airborne" req. from Cadena's skills.

    Speaking of, on my Kanna I keep getting a chat system message saying "You can't use this in the air" if I jump while using Vanquisher's Charm. It doesn't prevent me from actually attacking or anything, just spams my chat, but I have a feeling it may be related?
  • Does reporting matter? What can we do?

    This is kind of related but, I've always done my best to report the botters and site advertisers, but for a few months now every time I try to report I get an error message, and it doesn't go through.
    Nexon did however push a ban wave trying to get a lot of botters that liked to utilize Kanna, but it didn't work out very well and apparently many non-hacking players were affected by this, so they reverted it. But that being said, they are at least trying, that's got to mean something.

    Welcome back btw.
  • Maple Music Festival, possible?

    I never even did the original MMF. D:
    I was looking forward to all these events, but they all feel like they fell flat.

    Get 3 event coins every time the BBQ meter maxes out, but on a dead server that happens once every 3 or 4, or more hours. Can't get the coins from the MMF music thing because it's literally impossible, so there's no way to get enough coins for even one of the chairs.

    Halloween Candy barely drops, even as a Kanna with decent drop rate, and only 1/3 chance of it being shareable candy, which again on a dead server you can afk all day and probably won't give out much candy, so no chance in getting the fancy candy chair, especially if the rankings are GMS wide. Would be a lot more fun if we could hand out candy without being forced to have at least 50, too. x_x

    And to top it off, between the BBQ drops/Coins, Mad dungeon etc drops/coins, Dark event drops, and the halloween candy, inventory space is extremely stressed out, these events shouldn't be going on all at the same time. x_X

    I don't know, I just feel kind of disappointed.
  • [Announcement] Regarding Kanna's Haku's Blessing

    Oh man this whole thread is just making my sick to my stomach. The recent buff was wonderful and I finally felt less useless, so to hear that we'll be set back to before, or even worse, oh man. x_x Kanna's Barriers/binds for boss support and kishin for grinding support is enough really, just make Haku a self buff, don't punish her dps. > <
    ~A worried Kanna main.
  • Jett Nerf 2017?! It's been nerfed enough.

    I made a Jett for the burning event, never played one before and never even looked at his skills when he came out. Looking at what he use to be, I'd say his current form is a lot more fun.

    I didn't track how long it took me to get to 150, but it didn't take very long at all, but again yes that's with burning.

    -First job skills were normal compared to other classes, except you know, now we can hurricane as a first job skill, which was extremely fun.
    -Second job was complete trash, worst set of skills I've seen.
    -Now third job was actually a lot of fun. I barreled through using those dash skills and the main dps skill had better range and cooldown than previous skills. I made sure to train on flat maps and zooming back and forth, while not funded (I was only picking up equips that dropped, I didn't even open my burning boxes until 150) only really took 2 dashes, but it usually only took 1 Starline 3 to clear.

    Now as for complaints~
    -Their flash jump is extremely awkward. But honestly it doesn't matter because we have so many other movement based skills. It should be changed to a regular flash jump or just removed completely.
    --Turret deployment lasts barely anything, and it's annoying to have to recast it just to have something damage an extra platform for me while training. While bossing it's more reliable since you can keep casting it near the boss, but still.
    ---To go along with the above, we have MANY buffs, I've played a lot of classes but this is the most buffs I've ever had, without adding decent skills. And to top it off, they all only last about 2 minutes, so I'm constantly having to rebuff. Not to mention one of the buffs increases your health, so if it runs out and I recast it, now I have a chunk of empty health bar, which is always kind of annoying. That being said these buffs make Jett pretty tanky health wise so they're nice to have, just wish they lasted at least 3 minutes.
    ----Cosmic Upheaval barely worked 1 out of every 10 casts, and that's without other people in my map, I know having people in the map makes mob moving skills act even more stupid.

    For 4th job skills, they were pretty underwhelming, for the exception of the controversial Starfall.
    -Backup Beatdown, while seems cool, a mobbing skill that works like Hurricane, just didn't do much damage and the range on it isn't that great.
    --The bossing skill Starforce Salvo, barely did more damage than Backup Beatdown. For something targetting only one monster, it should do more damage. =/
    ---Starfall out dps'd both of the previous skills just by holding down the button. It's a gigantic mana waster, but it's worth it not only in training, but bossing too. So now we're losing this to a 60 second cooldown. I personally think it should have been something closer to a 24 second cooldown. Still very good, but not spammable. As much fun as it was, it did annoy many other players if Jetts spammed this in crowded servers or started KSing people.

    So now Starfall is 60 seconds, but in terms of range, it's actually one of the worst ultis I've seen, vertically. So now it's worse in every way compared to other ultis since it can't hit multiple platforms unless they're close to each other.

    And Starline 4 is pretty forgettable, looks less flashy as 3 and I think it's worse somehow, eh.

    EDIT: OH I almost forgot! They need to improve the core system too. Having your stats expire is extremely stupid, and it's even worse that the ideal way to make them good, and keep them, is through NX. They tried to make a pay to win class through the core system. They should trash that and let the core at least be upgraded in not a random manner, even if we have to lock it in to keep it from expiring, at least it'd make it not useless, and in return making the link skill not useless as well.

    TL;DR, old Jetts looked boring as heck, new Jetts are fun but they have a lot of issues that need to be dealt with.