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  • Kanna Mains Chat

    Well I'm glad I'm not the only upset one over this. I feel bad getting upset since I'm sure a lot of work was put into making a bunch of cool new things for the class, but when they ruin the few good things the class already had, it's impossible to look at this as beneficial.

    Once the frustration subsides it just leads to bitter sadness, knowing that these changes will likely stick. A few of the bugs will be fixed, but overall the things they ruined will most likely stay ruined. Making VC not cost all your mana, giving back the knockback resist Haku's blessing gave, the random few stats we lost from every other skill, etc etc; doesn't seem like something they'd just give back. Seems like a "Get use to it" type thing.
  • Recruit a Friend...WHY

    I was thinking "Maybe I can get 1, and get the 1 person reward" but there isn't even a 1 person reward. Doubt I can even get the three person reward, rofl.
  • Suggestions: Crusader Codex/Familiars

    There should be a tab for "Favorite" Familiars that you can put whichever ones you want on there.

    As of now, if you want to collect a lot of familiars, it makes it harder to find the ones you use most commonly, having to scroll through pages and etc.

    Also another unrelated suggestion;
    Have quest items/event items that fill up etc space, use space, etc, appear in the cash shop tab instead of the tabs they fill up. Even with max inventory, having a full Use or Set up tab can make some events very difficult, and it would make more sense for event specific items to just be in the cash shop inventory, instead of filling up your actual inventory.
  • Black Mage Legion Application - Contest

    Legolas the Livid


    Being birthed from two adventurers many onlookers were hopeful the young child would become a great adventurer one day. Yet soon after coming into the world his parents suffered a near death experience against the monsters of Ludibrium, specifically King Block Golems and King Blocktopus. Having their minds severely damaged they sought protection against all block monsters, by torturing their child with blocks of many shapes and sizes. Many years went by where the child was pelted by blocks, stabbed by blocks, and worst yet, forced to walk barefoot upon blocks.
    His resentment for adventurers grew as he aged, only knowing hate for the breed that has caused him so much suffering. One day during a torture session one of the blocks he was forced to step on was not like the rest, it was black, a throbbing dark aura gushing out of it. Entering his foot as if his foot was made out of butter, it embedded itself into his body. A pain unlike any other he's ever experienced left him screaming bloody murder. His parents in awe, hoping this meant they would never suffer against blocks again, but soon they realized blocks were quickly surrounding them all over. The child felt this newfound power surging through his body, a connection to every block near him. He made them fly throughout the air, able to create brand new monstrosities with the blocks. He caged his parents in spiked block cages so that he may repay the torture he was given, ten fold.
    This wasn't enough, he gave himself the mantle Legolas the Livid, and wanted to make sure no adventurer could ever be so cruel to their children again, by making sure their lives are forfeit to his blocks.

    After years of practicing his powers on the citizens of Ludibrium he noticed others causing uproars, followers of the Black Mage. Wondering if his dark block in his body was a gift from this Black Mage, he is hopeful to find others like him that only wish to destroy everyone around him.

    -Ability to freely move blocks in the air with his mind.
    -Create structures and living block creatures, any creature already made of blocks immediately become subservient.
    -Block armor, allowing himself to fly by making the blocks float and adding to his defense.

    -Ludibrium Tower. Having power over the entire tower and many creatures inside, he has created a living base, able to attack and seal off paths of any foolish enough to invade. His crafted room shifts positions constantly, making it very hard to locate.

  • [Challenge!] For anyone bravve enough

    Simz wrote: »
    Using only beginner equip, reach lvl 200!
    it would be fun if the maple achivement had a similar thing.

    There's a Maple Achievement for getting to lvl200 as a Beginner/Noblesse/Citizen, which in itself is a lot harder than just never changing equips as you level up lol.