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  • Lag in Elysium

    This is **** ridiculous now. The lag that was brought by the v212 - MapleStory X ISEKAI QUARTET Patch IS STILL HERE. It's been 3 months that Elysium has had to deal with this issue. Our end game parties are spending thousands on this game and we can't even play it right. Bossing is irritating from how many times random members or attacks freeze for up to a minute before everything occurs at once.

    Elysium's black mage party has been attempting too clear for 3 months and we have been unable to because the lag inside the boss makes it IMPOSSIBLE. They are more than strong enough to clear, but how is Elysium supposed to clear this boss when people in the party randomly lag for 20 secs to a minute straight. After you're released from the lag, all the attacks that the boss did in those 20 secs happen at once and you lose lives you can't do anything about. It's NOT an individuals connection or PC because it's happening to the ENTIRE party. Everyone in the party has played this game for many years, some since 2005 and we have NEVER experience this sort of lag during bossing.

    We feel like we are being ignored. You guys say you acknowledge the issue, but we feel like you're only saying that to shut us up. This is a MAJOR issue in Elysium. It's not the STANDARD lag or frame rate drop that would occur on a lower end PC or connection. We've tested bossing in other servers, and this does NOT occur the same way it occurs in ELYSIUM.

    What the hell are you guys doing about this? Why can't you update us into the progress of the steps you're taking to investigate this problem? Are you even trying to fix it? Is it being under prioritized? This is a serious issue. Seriously affecting players that are trying to take down hard bosses like we used to. We put thousands of dollars into this game, and we understand there's lag here and there. BUT THIS LAG IS NOT THE STANDARD TYPE. ITS BEEN GOING ON FOR 3 MONTHS.

    DO NOT push us aside, there's a reason why people here keep posting. This lag IS NOT standard... It did NOT occur before the v212 - MapleStory X ISEKAI QUARTET Patch.

    @GM @NEXON @GHIBLEE Can't any of you guys tell us what's being done to fix this??? Why is my party and me, dropping 10 of thousands of dollars, if we can't **** play this game right. One of the most important aspect is BOSSING, and we CAN'T do it properly because of this lag. It's messing with a WHOLE server.
  • Lag in Elysium

    Yeah, there's 2 different issues in term of lag now.
    1. It seems all the botters are switching channels to a specific channel at the same time and causing it to overload
    2. The glitch where the more players you have in a party in boss chamber the more laggy it gets.
  • Lag in Elysium

    Nexon seems to not want to publicly confirm this issue. Hopefully it gets fixed next patch.

    This problem is still happening. Every single player in Elysium is experiencing lag only during bossing when bossing in a party.

  • Lag in Elysium

    As of today Elysium still lags bad when doing end game bosses with a party. In towns and most maps there's no lag, but for most people it's still lagging mainly in end game bosses.
  • Lag in Elysium

    Ever since the last maintenance there's been an usual amount of lag in Elysium. Especially during bosses and while training. I'm not the only one experiencing this. The members in my bossing party have also noticed this lag, and other players as well have noticed this increased lag. Our parties have a 100% clear rate of these certain bosses, and because of this lag sometimes we are failing. Other people are having a hard time training or bossing as well.

    Was the bandwidth in Elysium decreased or something?