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  • Still L>For boss party lag fix
  • There's not enough people in Elysium that are doing end game bossing, to complain enough here for them to acknowledge how serious this issue actually is, lol. The amounts of complaints on this thread have decreased so they assume it's because the la…
  • Lol, they probably dismissed our concerns without telling us because they know we would just complain more. They probably think we're complaining about the same type of lag that generally occurs on every server. Elysium is doomed, but hopefully I'm …
  • This is **** ridiculous now. The lag that was brought by the v212 - MapleStory X ISEKAI QUARTET Patch IS STILL HERE. It's been 3 months that Elysium has had to deal with this issue. Our end game parties are spending thousands on this game and we can…
  • Koen wrote: » Ghiblee wrote: » Hello, We are aware of the recent server lag and disconnection and are in the progress of investigating the issues. Hoping it can be addressed soon for all the affected worlds. Any update on this? It's been th…
  • The lag is still there after the patch and several maintenance. The more players in a party the worse the lag is. It's not frame rate or any sort of graphic lag. It's server sided lag that the whole party experiences in bosses.
  • Don't get too excited guys. The point of this thread was to point out the lag happening when fighting bosses with party members, or having other players in your map while training.Typically entering bosses by yourself does not cause the game to lag.…
  • Yeah, there's 2 different issues in term of lag now. 1. It seems all the botters are switching channels to a specific channel at the same time and causing it to overload 2. The glitch where the more players you have in a party in boss chamber the …
  • Ghiblee wrote: » Hello, We are aware of the recent server lag and disconnection and are in the progress of investigating the issues. Hoping it can be addressed soon for all the affected worlds. THANK YOU. This is what a lot of us wanted to he…
  • Nexon seems to not want to publicly confirm this issue. Hopefully it gets fixed next patch. This problem is still happening. Every single player in Elysium is experiencing lag only during bossing when bossing in a party.
  • The lag is still happening after the maintenance The lag seems to be associated with the number of players in your party. Killing a boss solo isn't too bad, but once you go inside the boss chamber with someone else the lag starts to get worse as …
  • Ever since the last maintenance there's been an usual amount of lag in Elysium. Especially during bosses and while training. I'm not the only one experiencing this. The members in my bossing party have also noticed this lag, and other players as wel…
  • As of today Elysium still lags bad when doing end game bosses with a party. In towns and most maps there's no lag, but for most people it's still lagging mainly in end game bosses.
  • It makes sense, they want to delay people getting to 275 due to lack of content, but Nexon is also forgetting the average age of the loyal player base seems to be 18+, meaning we're no longer kids who have time to stay at home long enough to grind t…
  • Aggraphine is right. That's pretty screwed up, and it's a shame more people aren't making a big deal about it. It really seems like a huge scam to get people to purchase a large quantity of NX before the release of those cubes to get their (3) pa…
  • Still waiting for an update
  • I'm actually really curious about this, myself. I've always assumed these were a non-gms item, but now that you mention it, I must know because I've really wanted those stars. Nexon, please get back to us on this... Thanks!
  • I'm sure by now even the VFMs aren't drinking enough Nexon juice to realize they are taking forever to give us an answer or a statement. I'm about to make another thread, this is ridiculous.
  • PirateIzzy wrote: » The reason why it isn't fixed is because they aren't tagged as boss rewards. Boss rewards get 4 lines and tier 3-7 instead of 1-5. But the big question is... are they going to change this?