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  • Weekly Ban Data: 03/30/2017 - 04/05/2017

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    It's possible that Nexon has changed its policy in 4 months. But it's a lot more likely that they still haven't figured out a way to get around the character limit, and decided to just post the totals so they can have something to point to when saying "we ban thousands of hackers every week."

    Our team was open towards creating multiple posts due to the character limit to list the names of all the hackers.
    However, as stated in the original post, our policy change prevents us from releasing the names of all the characters that were banned to the public.

    Can you explain this new policy? How does it benefit the game, the community, or the company, to keep the character names secret?

    Nexon has indeed changed their policy regarding this (it's not just for MapleStory).

    Basically, bans are now between the affected player and Nexon only and not for the public to see. What happens to the player is also none of your business after you report someone.

    The reason why is because as a player it's not your duty to hunt the players you reported.
  • Players unable to log in on specific characters

    @suri Perhaps players who were not stuck "long enough" didn't receive compensation?
  • [IMPORTANT] Water Wars Issues

    It's really not good that people are complaining about GMs in Live Chat accusing them for wrongdoing that was not done in actuality.
    Do they simply base a response for a ban based on what the ban message says? It appears as if they don't even look at the logs to find the actual cause of the issue.

    If this issue wasn't as widespread as it is, some innocent player would have most likely been forced to wait out the entire suspension. And this has in fact happened before.