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  • Let's Talk... Recent Events with Kanna

    Hackers use Kannas to farm mesos. The community understands that but why not be clear/transparent to the community about a simple step? instead of saying oh we ban 1000+ Kannas a day, how many Kannas people's bans gets overturned?

    Give us a number, is this too much to compromised the security of the system?

    Issue here isn't really that Kannas are getting banned. Its that people are getting falsely banned and given copypastaed while nexon just saying they are right. All you need to do is to prove it to us you are overturning and saying sorry we fucked up here. Give us the live chat logs where GM says oh I've looked at your account we made a mistake, give us the email logs where GM says our Investigations team looked at the allegations and we've made a mistake. Redact names servers if you have to.

    EDIT: to clarify for Nexon. To err is human, system/people mess up is normal and its okay we get that, But all the overturning of false positives seems to be community becoming the advocate for the individual. You the company should be the biggest advocate for the legit players not the community.

    Uh... seems like you can't read.
    There are no overturned bans, because every ban that was handed out for Kannas is legit. Arwoo's post even mentions how they're carefully reviewing each case prior to making a decision to ban or not because of previous false bans.

    Sorry, but those people that are complaining about being innocent are lying (also covered in the OP)
  • An end to kill stealing aka ksing

    엘소드 wrote: »
    What exactly do you propose?
    Maps now belong to the player that's been there the longest? Attacking a monster first makes it so that only you can kill it?

    This is why I play on 'dead' servers. Hardly any KS'ing.

    That rule doesn't always apply.
    I grinded with my dawn warrior at drakes for 2 hours.
    Suddenly a hayato comes and ks me even though he exactly knew it was my map.

    You're misreading my post.
    'I was here first, CC' is a rule/agreement made by the players themselves, not Nexon, so of course it would have no real binding power to enforce.

    My post was asking if TC would be happy if Nexon did make it a feature of the game, but that shares its own problems like disconnections making you lose your map or afk'ers hogging them. Seeing as TC never gave a suggestion as to how Nexon should go about to fix it, Nexon probably sees this much like how the government sees people who claim 'We need to end homelessness' without having a plan in mind: Something that doesn't seem dire enought to be touched on atm.
  • An end to kill stealing aka ksing

    What exactly do you propose?
    Maps now belong to the player that's been there the longest? Attacking a monster first makes it so that only you can kill it?

    This is why I play on 'dead' servers. Hardly any KS'ing.
  • World transfer disaster. Huge screw up by Nexon.

    Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
  • Think About This when Cheating Online Games

    Man, all I needed to read was the first 'paragraph' to realize this would be a "whine-cry-and-complain that they're supposedly entitled to everything" thread.

    And I was proven right in the second paragraph.

    TL;DR for others who are allergic to brick walls: "Waah, using hacks in online video games should be permissible because herp derp I don't got time to play legitimately, and I believe I should get everything handed to me"

    Nexon should just ban your account because of how much this thread resembles the whining of a man-baby. At least it'll save you your precious time because you'd no longer have to feel compelled to log-in when you don't have an account to do so.