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  • [Announcement] Regarding Kanna's Haku's Blessing

    Holas2 wrote: »
    what do you guys think Kanna's new 5th? it's pretty hard to use it effectively during the boss fight since the circle only going up
    It deals some nice extra damage, however it is mainly useful in maps with vertical layout. And we can't track the cooldown so most of the time it will be summoned at random location (example top platform). I tested this in Lachelein Clocktower, the distance it goes up passes Domain Spirit.

    I do have a suggestion what they could do with this skill Liberated Spirit Circle. Let it summon 2 more circles, so one goes up, left and right for every time it's activated.
    Or 3 more circles, which will include the circle that goes 'downwards'. So with circles going into more directions at least you get to hit more things. As of the current situation of the skill now, it does enough damage but it's just the usefulness is limited.

    EDIT Besides what I mentioned about the 'upgrade' to the Liberated Spirit Circle, turn the skill into a Toggle On/Off skill. Because in Spirit Savior the circle went up and freed the spirit, which caused the Chaser to evolve to the next stage and of course I didn't collect that Spirit. Imagine that the skill would go in more directions, that would mess up the run.
  • Dream defender lag

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    Dunno, haven't done it in a few days. Will check.

    Edit: it appears to be fixed, got through ten stages without any massive drops in framerate.
    Ok nice, good to hear.

  • [Announcement] Regarding Kanna's Haku's Blessing

    So they have decided to revamp Kanna in 2019. I just hope they won't mess up the whole job. I do like the current Kanna we have but this job need a bit more 'dmg' boost (remove the nerf on Haku's Blessing), maybe add 1 more line on Vanquisher's Charm and Shikigami Haunting. Beside of the dmg boost, Kanna needs a more fluent teleport.

    I don't know if anyone uses Soul Shear skill to detonate the souls (red balls), if nobody detonate the souls (red balls), then they should just remove the 'souls' and turn this skill into passive skill: Level 15 - Final Damage: +30%. Since Kanna was released I maxed out the important skills on Kanna. I played it for a while like that untill I decided to SP Reset it. I didn't add any into Soul Shear anymore (at that time I don't think it had the Final Damage % boost). The red souls dropped on the floors were annoying, it was hard to see the drops. I usually wait 1,5 minute before I loot but if I see important drops I would go loot it but with the souls blocking the view it is hard to see.

    The next skill that I didn't max anymore is: Monkey Spirits (Passive)
    So my Kanna is missing out extra EXP and Drop %. Before they adjusted this skill, Monkey Spirit would kill Kanna when it attacked a boss with damage reflect on. So after I reset it, I never added SP into it. I know they fixed this issue for a while now but I still didn't add. This year I made a Kanna mule on my main account for Legion. On that Kanna I maxed out the skills and I noticed there was something different than my 'main' Kanna on my other account.
    My Kanna mule kept getting spammed with the message in the chatbox: 'You cannot use this skill in the air'. Monkey Spirit cannot be activated while Kanna is in the air.
    This would give me another reason why I wouldn't even consider adding SP into that skill. I do a lot of attack jump on Kanna so I don't want the spam.
    So they should allow Monkey Spirit to activate in the air too.

    Shikigami Charm: This skill has a Cooldown of 7 sec, which is good enough in my opinion. Although it's nice if we could use it more often than every 7 seconds, maybe reduce the Cooldown to every 3 seconds?
    If Kanna's teleport is more fluent then we could leave Shikigami Charm as it is I guess. The teleport is the priority but the change to Shikigami Charm will improve the mobility as well.

    Kanna's teleport not only has a big delay issue but also fails to perform the teleport, because sometimes it doesn't teleport you at all from your current location (you remain on the same spot), the teleport animation does show up though. And if this glitch occurs if you hold down teleport button and the direction button, you will keep seeing the teleport animation on the same spot without moving forward.

    The skills Spirit Corral (Active) and Tengu Strike (Active).
    I don't like either of the skills. They have too much delay, so they would need to improve the skills. Tengu Strike is stronger than Spirit Corral. I saw a high range Kanna train with Spirit Corral but I went for Tengu Strike but I barely use it. It consumes too much Mana and because it has too much delay it restrict your mobility. So I mainly use Shikigami Haunting, and Demon's Fury. Demon's Fury is not bad although it has a Cooldown of 3 sec. This skill let's me at least to use teleport after I use the skill. Demon's Fury + Teleport combo. This helps me a lot at Spirit Savior.

    Mana Balance (Active) Level 5: 30% HP used to recover 30 Mana. Although it is nice to have a Mana recovery skill but it reduces the HP. I guess a bad idea to use it during Boss battles. The HP that gets reduced is risky at bosses with Potion Cooldown. They could just recover the Mana without the penalty on the HP. There is still that Cooldown anyway.

    Beside of that, after a Kanna dies, the Mana isn't full after you come back to life. I know you can stay death and wait for the Mana to get filled but not everyone wants to do that.

    My concern about Kanna's revamp is the changes that they might make which will change the important skills (new skills or replaced by another because it is improved etc.) which will affect the trio boost nodes.

    Replacing old trios with new trios just like that might not work if certain Kanna players did a different boost node setup. We will probably need node shards or a lot of nodestones in return.

    Edit: I do hope that Kanna get to keep Kishin and that Nexon somehow finds a solution to the lag that it may cause to the servers. Kishin is so useful for many kind of purposes:
    -training characters
    -monster collection
    -skills with duration that hits a large area (Angelic Buster, Luminous, Kanna and others). If the mobs respawns fast, these skills will be more efficient. Without Kishin these skills need to wait for a respawn, so the skill becomes less effective by hitting most of the time air.

    Edit 2: Does Mana Overload skill also vanish like it happens on Kanna? I noticed when Kanna's Mana is very low (which happens often) Mana Overload would disappear. Does this happen to other mage classes?

    New 5th Job skill
    Liberated Spirit Circle (Passive) - Summon a magic circle that releases spirits wrongfully sacrificed to perform evil spells. After 5 uses, you can summon an even large circle. Unaffected by attack reflection. You cannot summon the circle yourself. It is periodically activated when you use the following skills: Shikigami Haunting, Vanquisher's Charm, and Demon's Fury

    Exactly the 3 main attacking skills I am using.
  • Recruit a Friend...WHY

    It's going to be really hard to recruit new or old players to play MapleStory. I am sure getting 10 recruits is already hard for many of us.
  • Maple Achievement Nautilus Exploration Achievement

    I pressed the refresh button after today's maintenance and it's still not working.