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  • [RETRO WORLD EVENT QUESTION] Or Im just dumb maybe

    So the new quest has replaced the '[Retro World] Promote the Game' today.

    [Retro World] Eliminate Bug Monsters!
    The Bug monsters randomly appears in the map within your level range (no more than 20 level difference below and above your current level)*. Kill them and you get 5 (golden) coins, each of them is worth 1 coin (100 points). You can kill 40 Bug monsters per day, which is enough to cap every day. After completing the quest (40 kills) you get a Retro World Coin Box which contains 30 coins.

    So we can get 230 coins per day now.

    *Although if your character is too high level for the hunting map you are in, if a low level player spawns it, you can see it too and see the coins drop too. My Kanna is too high level for Slurpy map and can see the Mobs and the drops.
    AKradian wrote: »
    There is something bad about this quest Eliminate Bug Monsters!
    I was farming on my Bishop, while doing this I decided to train my Bishop for 30 minutes. I had my Kanna up too for Kishin but not in party.

    Each time a Bug monster appeared in the map if I kill it on my Bishop the kill counter would go up on both characters, while my Kanna didn't touch the Bug monster at all. I also see the coins dropped on the floor on my Kanna. I continued till my Bishop capped on coins. Both Bishop and Kanna finished the 40 Bug monster kill quest and after that these monsters won't spawn anymore and my Kanna didn't cap yet.

    I can get the spawn if I use another character that didn't cap yet to get my daily coins done on Kanna. So I would need to make it spawn and let my Kanna loot instead. I am using my main now to get the coins for my Kanna, so I have to keep leaving the map so the kill count won't go up on my main.

    And to avoid this issue again for this quest I would need to finish it on Kanna first before I use my Kanna for Kishin support with another character.
  • King of Rings

    If you check at the Maple Achievement at tab Event, open it and you can view which 'rings' you need to collect. If you don't have it yet, it will be grayed out. I have 2 of 6 rings according to the achievement. These 2 rings were obtained a long time ago. Although I do want the chair...I don't like the idea we need to collect these rings, which has no use on my main.
  • hot week broke?

    Yep it's glitched.
  • Skills and quests no longer work

    If you are wearing items that 'summons' something beside your character (such as LGR, Sylph Ring, Weather rings etc), try to get to FM and unequip them there.
    If you are in a map that is not a town, you will need to queue yourself out. The only one I know is do a Zakum Queue (try it even if you did the boss already), then talk to the NPC to go to El Nath town. Then you use Quick Move to move to FM. Take off all the items that has a summon effect and keep it unequipped.

    You will be freely to move around and do everything.

    Edit: Queue also works in Sengoku High Principal's Dojo.
    Edit: Make sure you click FM in the Quick Move! Do not click Ardentmill by accident because of your habit going to that place.