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  • BelieveNothing - Mod Application

    In-Game Character name: shad0wn1te
    World: Bellocan
    Discord User Name: shad0wn1te#9448

    Why I'd like to become a VFM:
    I've really liked being a bigger part of the community ever since we got the Discord server, helping other players with information when I can, and I'd like to be able to do more for the community.

    I think I can do a lot more for the community as a VFM, so here I am submitting my application! Although I don't play on Reboot, I feel I have a good understanding of the server, from knowing the mechanics to reading up on Reboot users' concerns on various community platforms.

    What do I hope to accomplish as a VFM:
    As a VFM I hope to be able to help the community with more than just gameplay knowledge, I hope to be able to help them with any current community matters, including easing their mind when it comes to the latest issues the community is experiencing.

    What experience do I have moderating for other communities:
    Currently, I have no experience moderating for any communities, but I hope to get some real soon ;)
  • Leave Explorer's Cruel Ring alone


    In the bug fixes section of the Nova: Liberation of Cadena patch notes, it tells us the Explorer's Cruel Ring, obtained from an event ~9 years ago, before the Big Bang Update, is being "adjusted" to be similar to more recently released event rings. As a veteran mapler, this is ABSOLUTE GARBAGE.

    I, and many other players, worked our asses of to get that ring, back when getting from Lv. 49 - 50 took longer than getting 199 - 200 does now. This is not what we veteran mapler's deserve. The ring was hard earned, especially compared to today's event rings, and because of that, it has good stats. There is NO need to re-balance it, it is not at all overpowered as it cannot be scrolled or receive potential.

    It is unlikely this will be seen before the update goes live, but in the interest of not alienating your more loyal players, I suggest the changes to Explorer's Cruel Ring are reverted, as soon as possible.
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  • Show Star Force on individual characters in Legion


    It makes it much easier to know which characters need more star force and which don't, without having to log in on up to as many as 40 different characters.