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  • Deleting permanent Safety Gems is not acceptable

    According to this post about the changes to Death Penalty and Safety Charms, the permanent Safety Gems obtained through old Cash Shop sales will be deleted and refunded (They were sold for 7k NX). This is unacceptable.

    Safety Charms that already exist are being updated to remove the new effect applied to characters when they die, and the permanent Safety Gems should be updated in the same way. Players buy permanent items because they want them forever, those items being removed and refunded sets a bad precedence.

    When permanent Hyper Teleport Rocks were first released, they were sold for 30k NX. What's to stop Nexon from removing those and simply refunding players 30k NX? We need to take a stand and stop Nexon now before they move on to our other permanent items.
  • Maple Achievement Nautilus Exploration Achievement


    When the achievement system was introduced, these two achievements had a required map that was inaccessible in GMS. To rectify this, Nexon removed that map as a requirement. This meant the players who had visited all maps except the inaccessible one were left with a bugged achievement. All maps have been visited, and the requirements for the achievement have been completed, however, the achievement didn't update and get a stamp, and the refresh button that is enabled whenever Nexon feel like it doesn't award the achievements either.

    This bug has been reported before, and it still not fixed. So I am reporting it again. And I will make a new post after every maintenance until it is. This is the sort of bug that shouldn't require major changes from the overseas team. The update button can either be changed to award achievements that have all requirements met, to safeguard against any issues like this in the future, or these two achievements can be reset, not much progress will be lost since the achievements take about 1 minute to complete.
  • A solution to sitting! The Chair Collection UI

    There are hundreds of chairs in the game, perhaps thousands. More than can fit in a single character's inventory. And Nexon continues to add more seemingly every other week. Players are forced to choose which chairs they would like on their character and are required to store any others in storage or other characters, making them unavailable if they decide they want to sit on it unless they fetch it from storage. We need a solution, and chair bags just aren't cutting it.

    Introducing the Chair Collection UI
    At first glance, this UI looks similar. It is almost identical to the Medals UI, however, the functionality is quite different.

    The Chair Collection UI would be accessed from the menu, ideally immediately above or under Medals. The collection is populated by dragging chairs from your set-up tab, which removes the chair from your inventory. Any duplicate chairs are stacked in the chair collection but returned 1-by-1 to your set-up tab when you decide to do so. Double-clicking a chair sets it as your active chair. Your chairs can be sorted by name or amount, and the UI will display the number of unique chairs you own.

    But how do I sit?
    As before, double-clicking a chair in your set-up tab will make the character sit on it, however, by using the "sit" key on your keyboard, your character will sit on the chair that is currently selected in the Chair Collection UI.

    Such a feature is sorely needed in MapleStory, and I think it's safe to say all players will rejoice upon its addition.

    Please, Nexon,

  • Captcha at beginning of Character Creation Process

    Currently, after failing to enter a valid name for a character a certain number of times, a captcha will appear, showing a scrolling list of characters you are required to enter to move forward.

    While I believe the idea behind the captcha is a good one, presently, all it does is hinder legitimate players having trouble finding a character name. As botters use a randomly generated string for their character names, they are much less likely to get hit with this captcha as their name will be accepted on the first attempt.

    My suggestion is that the captcha is moved to the beginning of character creation, before the first character naming attempt. The captcha should not reappear while attempting to name that character. This will, hopefully, hinder the automatic creation of botting accounts, as a person will have to manually solve the captcha to create their bot.
  • Add Account-Guildies similar to Account Buddies

    Some people want all their characters in the guild they're with, but there isn't always room in the guild, especially on really packed servers.

    This would would allow players, if the player requests it and the guild leader accepts it, to log into any character on their account and be in the guild. The guild contribution would be limited to 5k per day across the account, and if you already have multiple chars in the guild, they would be combined into 1 and free the spots that would otherwise be taken by them being separate.

    So if you have 5 characters in the guild with 100k each, after converting to an account guildie, you would have 500k on your 1 slot that you are using, and the 4 slots would be freed for other players in the server.