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  • Safe to farm with kanna yet?

    DeeMon wrote: »
    I don't get it. Just farm on another class with a pet. kMS doesn't even have mob spawn slave and they're doing just fine.
    Man, what a bunch of jokers.

    This coming from the guy who whined on every thread in the forums awhile back about Hayato.
  • What Class will you be in real life?

    DeeMon wrote: »
    Probably a swimming class for girls. The pool can be my mouth.

  • Think About This when Cheating Online Games

    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    The name of this sub-forum is (in case you're lost): NON-GMS CONTENT DISCUSSION. <~ This means it's not limited to "MapleDrama".
    On another note; Now that I have your attention. ~ Do you support keyboard customizations for the handicapped; or is that too taboo??

    Yeah okay, I've completely lost faith in that you're even making sense at this point. You don't even understand what this subforum is used for. If you actually bothered to read like you're so fond of accusing others of, you'd see that this subforum is, "Content discussions regarding other MapleStory services (unrelated to GMS)." This isn't off topic. This is a forum dedicated to talking about other Maplestory servers.
    My previous reply was not made to you. Are we playing baseball? Did your bridge burn down? The discussion between me and you ended yesterday. Since you're here; you may as well answer the question I asked your alternate character.

    Do you support keyboard customizations for handicapped people? ~ and ~ What is the title of this thread?

    Ok, seriously, are you a troll?
  • From an old mapler, my rant about the game

    Hello, and as you can tell by the title this is my rant about what I personally think of the game now at its current stage. MapleStory what the f*** did you guys do? You abandoned

    all your old and committed players for a new generation. Pre big bang was one of the best times I ever had, MapleStory was a game I played for hours growing up, it made me

    truly happy. Back when there were only 4 classes, and Aran just coming out was an amazing time. You needed a team to do bosses and team up to clear hard maps, now all I see

    are classes soloing bosses and hitting one button for an AoE spell that clears the entire map. I miss the old days when their was balance and teamwork and communication with

    the community. If you played the game after the big bang update you have no clue what I am talking about so it probably sounds like rubbish. Us old maplers really wish you guys

    didn't throw us in the dirt like this, community feedback didnt mean anything? Everytime I hear the song " missing you " from MapleStory it really hits me how the game has

    changed to a button smashing game of who has the most flashy abilities and how fast you can do it. What happened to the teamwork of PQing with your friends to go take

    down a boss? It is so EASY to level up now its ridiculous, I doubt any of the members will even care for this post but I am doing it anyway for me. All the effort and grinding and

    time I put into this game only to see that now people can hit one button and do what I did in one goddamn day. I miss stuff like waiting on the rope for your MP to regen, this is

    the same with every game.. sucks you guys will never help your old committed players.. goodbye to one big part of my childhood..

    Frankly, the old Maple was too slow. Everything changes, it seems like a lot of people can't understand that. If Maple was still like it was back then, I kid you not, Maple would be dead. With all the other MMO RPG's out there, Maple would died out. People wouldn't have time to take a week to get to 2nd, or a couple months to get to 3rd. And even if there were those that got to 200, there wouldn't be anything left. Also, there's still teamwork, I don't see people solo-ing the most recent bosses. And the community's still alive, there's plenty of good guilds out there.

    I'd still say that the classes are balanced (For the most part), and I'd definitely say that a good chunk of classes aren't able to clear the entire map consistently. Yeah there's full map attacks, but remember the genesis spam? Yeah it's easier to level up now than pre BB, there's a higher level cap, with more content that pre bb could ever hope to have. I find it silly that you miss waiting on the rope, not doing anything. I really find that hard to believe.

    This isn't a matter of "helping your old committed players", I don't see in the first place why you need help in the first place. You want the slow leveling? Go get to 220, or even 210 and start grinding. You want teamwork? Go do ursus with friends. If anything, it's on you for thinking that nothing would change over the years. Big Bang should've blatantly told you that.

    True. MMOs change, it's in their very nature. That's kinda why I like 'em. An MMO that doesn't adapt will die. I get pretty tired of hearing about how pre-BB was so much better. I played pre-BB and I don't get why so many people are OBSESSED with it. Maybe it's like genwunner syndrome, you know?
  • From an old mapler, my rant about the game

    I have social anxiety in game so having to team up isn't for me. I do fine on forums but in game I get nervous. Bossing with others? Forget it, I get performance anxiety and by the end I'm a nervous wreck. PQs? Hah, I wish I had the confidence. I know it seems weird for someone like me to like and mmorpg, but I like this game. I mean, I liked old maple too, but I feel way more comfortable playing new maple. I like being around people but not feeling pressured to party up and perform. I can chat with people in towns just fine, I just prefer doing bosses and stuff solo. It's easier for me, and there's probably others like me who feel the same way.