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  • What Changed/Removed Features Do You Miss Most?

    Recent change but one I will surely miss the most. My friend and I go on different times so we basically meet by afking next to each other. I suppose now we'll have to designate a channel and an area to AFK at whereas before it didn't really matter since one just goes to where the other is.
    I'll miss it because of the random fames too. I prefer to return the favor, won't be able to now if they're no longer there when I come back.
  • Wondroid ideas for less player stress

    Petalmagic wrote: »

    Zakum JQ is way easier than Wondroid :T You don't get one shot by the steam there. You don't have to completely backtrack the whole JQ, its also not 5 stages (if you count F1)

    I got "rich" from selling eyes of fire. Difference between Zak JQ and Wondroid JQ for me:

    1. I don't die at Zak JQ. I lose HP sure, but die? Never. And with no timer, I can wait for my HP to regen before moving forward. Wondroid - get hit once and die.
    2. I had months to learn and master Zak JQ which is good because it took me months to learn and master it. Wondroid is only til the 27th.
    3. I had hours to spend in the map. I could literally hang in a safe spot, take an hour long break to regain some sanity or jump in glee after clearing a pretty difficult part and still have however long I want to finish the rest. Wondroid - B1 is what, 15 minutes?
    4. No moving platforms in Zak. You just time your jumps to the gas. Your jump is your own call. Wondroid JQ - you're constantly being pushed towards the steam or if you get past that, the laser is moving to where you are. I'm okay with timing, but timing against something is a whole different basket.

    Tbh though, the most frustrating part is how much of our difficulty is being downplayed/trolled by the "elites" who managed to do it. I hope at the end of the event, Nexon or someone makes a poll asking how far we got into the event and let the numbers speak. Three of my friends didn't even bother with this event because they couldn't even do Zak JQ.

    And it wasn't about being a quitter either. Sometimes you just have to accept that some things are not meant for you. Why take engineering when you suck at Math, right? I'm not saying this should be unbelievably easy but consider the factors being asked of players here vs what other events ask for.

    Attendance - time. possibly damage but even w/ low damage, mobs w/in your level will still be killable.
    Timed quests - time and reliable internet otherwise you restart.
    Haste - time, damage, patience to get roughly 100k kills.
    Minigames - time, skill (for yut, kite rider)
    Jewel craft - time, RNG
    Breakthrough/burning - time

    And now wondroid - time, reliable internet (because god forbid you dc at B1/F1), patience, skill, RNG. It's almost asking for all that you have except damage.

    This event is definitely not for everyone, but it seems nobody seems to realize that not only is it not for everyone, it's more geared towards a select few. So, good luck with this @Petalmagic. All I got from saying anything about this event was get called a QQer and told to "git gud".
  • I thought events were supposed to be fun...

    Petalmagic wrote: »
    a chore if you are good at Jump quests...a nightmare if you are me, the most unjumpy person in MS history.

    Same. Last time I couldn't even get past the conveyor belts of B4. This time I managed to get all the way to B1. I've been here for the past 3 hours, still can't get past the first laser which pretty much gives you an idea how good I'll be at the steam part.
    Simz wrote: »
    I agree this event is geared towards dedicated players .

    There's different levels of dedication. Some may say having over 6k in legion, a main above 230, or over 450 in MC dedication. Some would base it on damage, gear or items collected. If it was the former, I'd count. I'd probs count towards the latter too. That doesn't change the fact that I'm still stuck here.

    For an event that was "nerfed" for casual players.. this is still intense.
    I dont really view it as a challenging jump quest. Not once have i failed to make a platform due to the difficuly of the jump. It is more like a dodge and keep progressing kind of thing if anything. I enjoy this kinda thing as compared to like the henesys park jump quest or flag race which i dont enjoy as much.

    If they told me I had to do Hene pet park JQ 1000x to unlock these androids, I'll be fine with it. I don't mind doing it over and over and over as long as I can do it. This one just kills me and brings me back. So what I end up doing over and over and over is to get back to the point where I die. This is starting to feel more like an ad for suicide than a jump quest.

  • It's time for a change.

    Great ideas.

    On a separate note, I would like to point out the other kind of cheaters i.e. these "legits" who buy from said meso sellers. IMO, you don't count as legit if you're buying illegal stuff and I think Nexon should start punishing them as well.

    Let's face it, the company and the players have banded together multiple times over the years trying to block the hackers from getting in or kicking them out once they've entered. The thing is, they're not gonna stop trying to get in because they've found a reason to be here. They keep getting banned yes, but they keep getting money from meso buyers too.

    If the people who purchase are punished along with those who sell, then people may stop purchasing. If they stop purchasing, then there's no reason for the botters to keep farming stuff noone's buying anyway. Ultimately, they'll have no reason to enter the game.

    Just my two cents.
  • Who ISN'T transferring to Bera?

    inukiroya wrote: »

    Name me at least one reason ppl want to stay in a dead server besides being a casual/whale/p2w player and that actually has a purpose (representing/being loyal) dosent mean amything

    I don't need a reason to stay in GRAZED. I just want to stay.

    Three of my guildies left and took all their chars with them. That's their choice. I've made mine.

    Call me noobie/casual/whatever you want, it won't affect me nor my decision.