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  • I thought events were supposed to be fun...

    Petalmagic wrote: »
    a chore if you are good at Jump quests...a nightmare if you are me, the most unjumpy person in MS history.

    Same. Last time I couldn't even get past the conveyor belts of B4. This time I managed to get all the way to B1. I've been here for the past 3 hours, still can't get past the first laser which pretty much gives you an idea how good I'll be at the steam part.
    Simz wrote: »
    I agree this event is geared towards dedicated players .

    There's different levels of dedication. Some may say having over 6k in legion, a main above 230, or over 450 in MC dedication. Some would base it on damage, gear or items collected. If it was the former, I'd count. I'd probs count towards the latter too. That doesn't change the fact that I'm still stuck here.

    For an event that was "nerfed" for casual players.. this is still intense.
    I dont really view it as a challenging jump quest. Not once have i failed to make a platform due to the difficuly of the jump. It is more like a dodge and keep progressing kind of thing if anything. I enjoy this kinda thing as compared to like the henesys park jump quest or flag race which i dont enjoy as much.

    If they told me I had to do Hene pet park JQ 1000x to unlock these androids, I'll be fine with it. I don't mind doing it over and over and over as long as I can do it. This one just kills me and brings me back. So what I end up doing over and over and over is to get back to the point where I die. This is starting to feel more like an ad for suicide than a jump quest.

  • Illium disconnects randomly upon flight

    I'm having these issues as well. One thing I noted is this only happens to me when I fly upwards not when flying left or right.
  • Chairs chair chairs

    AKradian wrote: »
    You can use another 12-chair bag or whatever you have available, for now.

    Still won't be enough. I really have no choice but to toss out chairs. The hazards of playing the same char for years.

    In that new KMS patch they created an item to make arcane symbols movable within account. I'd pay Nx if they make a version of that for chairs. I'm not even kidding.
    Sherri wrote: »
    Honestly, all chairs should be tradeable within account.
    I switched mains a few years ago and I can't get all my chairs back. -_-

    I wholeheartedly agree. It's not impossible. Some of the chairs they release are within account. Even if they want to make it so that players attempt chairs in multiple chars to maximize server population during event season, they should still consider the option to make it at least movable elsewhere after said season.

    @Arwooo or @AlexF care to pass it along as a QoL suggestion?
    Sherri wrote: »
    GRAZED can't get 20 bag chair?

    It's just rare given the low population. Rare and unbelievably expensive. The last time I saw one, it was almost max meso. Haven't seen another one since then. Granted I don't go to FM often, there hasn't been one in AH either and I go there almost everyday.
  • These override box drop rates are MISERABLE.

    Wait can somebody explain how to get boxes? I went on my level 100 mule and popped 4x drop during event and I only got ~80 boxes an hour? I'd need 560 boxes for four mules each, so that's like 28*4=112 hours? None of my mules are high enough to dipq so how would i get lots of box drops?

    I think Evo Lab is level 100. Door number 3 is the best option.

    On topic: My box count went from 240 to 1424 during today's 2x. I will most likely have to throw most of these out by the time the event ends.

    I also get 60-75 boxes in two DI runs on a mule like a guy previously stated. No droprate modifiers on mules. I only do it on two mules though, figured I could use the extra coins for random damage skin box purposes.

    Doing the math, a decently funded char can probably finish DI in 10 minutes. By decent I mean the mules I do it on has VL and boss accessory set, 10 stars, shyt scrolled (for legion lol). 20 minutes per char. Doing it on 40 chars is actually possible provided they're funded enough (and at least 140) to clear DI in 10 minutes.

    However, that'd take 14 hours. Just how much does one need to take advantage of events really?

    I have nothing against you OP, but everyone is already on the "droprate is fine" side. I think it might be worth considering gearing up so it's easier for you to farm with this low drop rate that you're experiencing.
  • Reduce Window Clutter After Login

    Seal wrote: »

    Wait whaaat, you can teleport to any area stamped in your Maple Guide without the level criteria? Like I can teleport to a lower level again if it's stamped in the guide?

    Yes. I don't remember which patch it was but as long as you have the stamp, you can tele to it unlimited times. You just have to move around in the area to figure out which mob you have to kill to get the stamp i.e. for the forsaken excavation site one (the one w/ masks on the icon) - it sends you to tribal refugee camp and the monster you have to kill to get the stamp are sinister steel masks. Hope that helps.