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  • Duplicated Item Removal

    It's hard to praise this action as this should have been done numerous times previously over MANY years, but I'm still glad to see it happening all the same. Once items have been floating around for years, it's nearly impossible for users to know if the item is legit anymore. Makes buying high-end items a considerable risk.

    The big issue with duplicated items is simply not knowing. Of course users can do their due diligence to see if an item is legit or not, but it's not possible to be 100% sure. When buying via auctions it's even worse, as you simply have no way of knowing outside of it being obvious (like ten Blackgate Rings in a row, all with 20% drop rate legendary potential). Honestly, I'd love to see a duped item clearing every patch, just to keep things in check.
  • Stuff for next ‘A Better Maple’

    Event Hall:
    Place Gaga and Cassandra in their own buildings inside the Event Hall.
    (Alternatively, make sure there's at least a coin shop available in Henesys and/or Leafre)

    Cash Shop:
    Bonus Cubes in the Rewards Shop.
  • Game is up

    So... in other words they fixed nothing.

    Yeah, checked the Event Hall. Zero change there. I'm currently frozen directly over the portal, hoping to not DC before I get out.

    They DO know the issues is the quests, right? I had a bug a few days back where my quest page was wiped clean. Zero quests in the quest page. Zero lightbulbs above NPCs. Decided to check out the Event Hall. ZERO LAG!
  • SS Ring available from V Coin Shop?

    I cannot do anything but laugh at this point. The ineptitude has gone too far. I mean, seriously. The original SS Ring event got butchered because of the Event Hall. Now the bunny to make the SS Ring is back IN the Event Hall. And of course there's a purchase limit on everything for zero reason. Why do they limit both coins AND the items in the shop?

    Why they cannot recognize this is beyond me.
  • An open letter to Nexon

    I was going to chime in and add to this, but you know what? I don't think it's needed. You've covered it all pretty well.

    Well said.