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  • Also having the same issue as OP. Not seeing the quest for [Cernium] Delicious Candy on the sidebar, nor a lightbulb for any character. I'm getting the navigation arrow as well, which says it's for [Cernium] Delicious Candy, but upon reaching the lo…
  • Scania, 211, 8+ years
  • Agreed. Events that are time-specific are terrible. Just make it available 24/7 and limit the number of runs that can be done (for Eluna). It's not that complicated.
  • I agree that the times need to be addressed. Now that GMS is now... well, global, having events that are only accessible during certain hours of the day is a huge issue. It needs to be available 24/7 in order to not alienate time zones.
  • It's hard to praise this action as this should have been done numerous times previously over MANY years, but I'm still glad to see it happening all the same. Once items have been floating around for years, it's nearly impossible for users to know if…
  • Same problem for me. I've never had issues before with these kind of events. EDIT: Wait. I clicked the button again. Thank you for registering for the Override Registration Event! It worked
  • Yeah, I was honestly hoping the fixes made this last patch would do something, as the quests are the primary culprit. But alas, no discernible change on my end
  • Event Hall: Place Gaga and Cassandra in their own buildings inside the Event Hall. (Alternatively, make sure there's at least a coin shop available in Henesys and/or Leafre) Cash Shop: Bonus Cubes in the Rewards Shop.
  • All I can say is that the coin shop better NOT be in the Event Hall. Or else I'll flip. Would ruin what should be the highlight of the year in terms of events. Really happy about Beans coming back! I liked playing with the evil dude.
  • So... in other words they fixed nothing. Yeah, checked the Event Hall. Zero change there. I'm currently frozen directly over the portal, hoping to not DC before I get out. They DO know the issues is the quests, right? I had a bug a few days ba…
  • I've found this to be a random occurrence myself. I put two of my super ancient 140 gear with 4% nebs in the auction house, lost them both on their second time through. I put my Rising Sun pendant with a 4% neb on it, passed through multiple times w…
  • Why is the NPC for the Sengoku event in the Event Hall to begin with? For the longest time the NPC was in Leafre and Henesys. It's ridiculous to put it in a place that some users can't access. I think this is the first Sengoku event I can't parti…
  • I cannot do anything but laugh at this point. The ineptitude has gone too far. I mean, seriously. The original SS Ring event got butchered because of the Event Hall. Now the bunny to make the SS Ring is back IN the Event Hall. And of course there's …
  • I got hosed by the new reset time for the Play V Event the first couple of days, not realizing it. I've been able to work around if afterwards. It's still obnoxious to reset in the middle of the afternoon/early evening in the US though.
  • I was going to chime in and add to this, but you know what? I don't think it's needed. You've covered it all pretty well. Well said.
  • There was absolutely no problem with the event other than the fact DIPQ and some other repeatable flat farming areas that have mobs with no drop tables would end up dropping a box every other mob with high drop rate. What i dont understand is yeste…
  • Posting this here too, because logic is helpful and Nexon clearly doesn't use theirs. There's zero logical reason for a daily coin limit AND purchase limits in the shop. Both prevent abuse. One limits our ability to get all the things we want and …
  • If we don't report bugs, REGARDLESS of whether or not it's benign or malicious, we would be no better than they are. But is it really a bug? There's zero logical reason for a daily coin limit AND purchase limits in the shop. Both prevent abuse. …