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  • [Item Bug] Nebulite Removed from equipment

    I've found this to be a random occurrence myself. I put two of my super ancient 140 gear with 4% nebs in the auction house, lost them both on their second time through. I put my Rising Sun pendant with a 4% neb on it, passed through multiple times without disappearing, before it finally sold.

    I filed a ticket back when this happened, was told this was a known issue and it was being looked into. That's all I've heard about it.
  • Suggestion - fix the freaking event hall lag!

    Why is the NPC for the Sengoku event in the Event Hall to begin with? For the longest time the NPC was in Leafre and Henesys. It's ridiculous to put it in a place that some users can't access.

    I think this is the first Sengoku event I can't participate in, either due to the NPC being located elsewhere, or the lag in the Event Hall being only moderately miserable. But now that it's impossible, I'm out. I'm seriously getting annoyed with this. The last several events I've been unable to participate in because of it.

    And just checked out the Event Hall on my brand new laptop. Still lagged to death. What a joke. Is $800 not good enough for this lousy game? Did I need to spend a grand? FIX YOUR GARBAGE CODING! Thanks.
  • [COMPLETE] Scheduled Maintenance - Dec 8th, 2016

    There was absolutely no problem with the event other than the fact DIPQ and some other repeatable flat farming areas that have mobs with no drop tables would end up dropping a box every other mob with high drop rate. What i dont understand is yesterday i farmed over 1500 boxes and barely squeaked by with enough coins to buy two things. Do note that 1500 boxes took me hours of fun grinding! the box opening alone took an hour! This 10 coin limit is the death of this event. Yesterday was the first time i saw DIPQ active since its nerf.
    Beyond that, it's not as though the Event Shop actually has anything abusable in it. It's generic 10% cleans and Epic pots that are always in shops. Along with chairs and damage skins, which are harmless. And they have limits on them! So instead of letting us enjoy the grind for coins and buy all the fun stuff available in the shop, they kill our ability to grind. You know what that means? People ain't playing nearly as long. Less time playing the game = less money spent on the game. They are only hurting themselves.