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  • update: I got my stolen guild back.

    Jez wrote: »
    I created a guild years ago. A while back I added someone who requested and made them jr. When I created the guild there was no functionality that allowed juniors to steal the guild from absent leaders. I had no idea this guy could possibly steal my guild if I went offline for a month.
    Well, things came up in real life and I had to be off for 30 days. When I returned to maple i found that this guy had taken leader of my guild and demoted everyone. I sent a ticket to nexon. Nexon refused to help and told me to post on the forums. I posted on the forums and the mod told me to submit at ticket and acted like I was the problem, completely disregarding the issue. The guy refused to talk to me in game and would not respond to guild messages asking for my guild back.
    Now I just got back from two months off maple and he has kicked everyone in the guild.

    This is not right. My guild should be returned to me instead of nexon protecting this thief just because he spends thousands on NX.

    I'm sorry to hear about your guild.
    It's pretty crazy how sometimes nexon can simply abandon their own loyal players in their most difficult times.... sad...
  • Enough is Enough

    Let's face it, after every maintenance we have more crashes, glitches, malfunctions, etc

    We say Enough for maintenances! please put an end to this. (or at least make it less painful, like once a month or something like that)
  • We all want a merge

    Trystarr wrote: »
    Daxterbeer wrote: »
    Its been stated a few times already but let me reiterate. A lot of the people in this thread have been using the terms alliance and merge interchangeably, probably because they didn't initially come here to argue over specifics, AND don't see a meaningful difference in the two. The difference between a merge and an alliance (like the amount of characters available etc) would only impact a small margin of players. An increased population would impact significantly more people, so I am not surprised we are getting people posting who 1)Want a bigger population and 2) don't really care whether its a merge or an alliance. And I don't expect some of them to read through all these pages to figure out there has been a discussion to distinguish the two concepts, because ultimately this is just a thread for people to state their opinions, and move on.

    Lets face it, whether its a merge or an alliance is a backburner issue to the pressing issue of the dead population.

    I'm also almost guaranteed it would be an alliance over a merge. They've done plenty of alliances already and never any merges to gms. the don't have to do deal with the headache of characters in certain worlds, etc. Lets all just hope they fix this issue sooner rather than later.

    Being in an alliance not only brings populations closer, but also allows characters to participate in the same physical server without sharing the 46 character slots. Worlds in the same alliance not only have separate character rosters, but separate Reward Point shops that each have their own 5 cube/ 2 scroll limits. Even Blessing of the Fairy and Empress's Blessing is shared across the whole alliance as well as Monster Collection. The only things not shared are link skills, storage, cash storage and Legion.

    I am curious what Nexon will resort to next. Another world leap would not guarantee an equal balance of players since they could continue fleeing to Bera or another nut will shout on Reddit to come to MYBCKN or GRAZED. How many alliances we will end up and how they were grouped with is up to Nexon. They can add the small non-allianced worlds to existing main alliances (like adding Scania to GRAZED or Winda to MYBCKN) and have 2 medium alliances, 1 full Bera, and a sad Kroa and of course, Reboot. There are also other world combinations I can think of, but I bet everyone gets the idea.

    Some all the non-Reboot worlds in NA to be allianced into a single massive alliance with additional channels to handle the population. I've been a supporter for this crazy idea since it technically allows players to interact with anyone as long they are not in EU or Reboot. Servers with higher populations have Auction Houses that have items in stock (I cannot find anything in GRAZED.)

    I never liked the idea of having a huge server and a separate quiet server because low populations can stunt a player's progress in a bad way. Once again, buying an item you need will be many times harder than in a healthy server. Preparing a boss squad will be difficult due to the lack of participants. Other player dependent activities such as Kritias, event minigames would not have enough players. Also, a quiet server will eventually turn into a regular or even a congested server if enough people prefer peace and quiet and eventually fill up the remote area. Why not just move to the big server and find a quiet channel? You can still avoid weirdos and buy the goods you need, do Kritias Invasion and can change your mind if you decide to socialize with the people you considered weirdos earlier.

    Yea, there are definitely pros and cons to each a merge and an alliance. I personally wouldn't benefit from the reward points because I haven't made high level characters in other servers except Reboot, and personally don't take the time to do bosses on multiple servers, I know some people do though. However I would at least gain two lvl 1 link skills if we got a merge instead of an alliance. But like I said, back burner issue compared to how badly needed the population needs to be addressed.

    Yea I agree with this. Alliances will also solve any sentimental issues people have with belonging to their home server. making one server be known as the 'quiet' server inherently will serve very little purpose- it either pleases a small group of players or it pleases a lot of players, then turns into a regular sized server and is no longer serving its initial purpose. Too many parts of the game rely on the need for other players to help you (pqs, bosses, the market system which has many sub-sectional issues, guilds/alliances, event mini-games) so when people say they want their dead server it seems they just want a server for them and their friends for themselves. Not really appropriate for an MMORPG considering all the compromises stated above. Although on the flip side, Nexon has divided up the small non reboot population into 6 servers with about 4 or 5 of them being relatively dead, so I'm assuming game play being compromised isn't high on the priority list to solve. Not like i'm getting boss queues without a guild mate.

    You're not the only one, most of Maplers wants a merge/ally.
    It's really sad that Nexon didn't do anything about it yet for literally a few years...
  • Launcher

    Shirus wrote: »
    Nexon launcher is the worst launcher i've ever used, trying to play maple story 3 times and still gets crashing at the start ! And it's not the thing i'm getting in a week, it's happening EVERY SINGLE DAY ! Why we can't just open Maple Story without launcher ?
    Another day: 1st time turning on maple: CRASH, THAT'S BULLSHIT

    Haha, welcome to MapleStory 2018.

    Every time I log into MapleStory, I always, always crash at least 1-2 times.
  • We all want a merge

    Conrad wrote: »
    I recently came back to game, almost a week now, and I saw that Broa is just dead. There are very little players and it's just no fun at all. I saw that I missed the server transfer event and all my characters are stuck on a useless server. Is there anything I can do to transfer my characters? If anything could be done, i.e, a transfer or a repeat in event it would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    Tell that to Nexon..... we've been screaming this for years now... I'm in Bera (the most "populated" world) and it's dead here....
    Acgnolia wrote: »
    I think it's a far better idea to allow another World Transfer event, so people who wants to leave their current world and go to another, more populated one, can do so freely and get what they want, while those of us who want to stay in our server (even if it's "dead" for others) can do so as well. That seems to be a lot more democratic and respectful of everyone's wishes than just leaving everything be or making a huge merge (that, from what I imagine, must be a lot more irreversible too) of all non-Reboot worlds into one or whatever other merging scheme people suggest. :P

    I disagree with a time limited event, just in case some people miss it, (if they do it during the summer this may arguably not be a problem) and the game is declining/ dead. Maybe they can do something where each account is given one free transfer, or you can buy a transfer from the NX shop at any time.

    You can also argue the game is dying, so if you couple that with any more people leaving dead worlds, they will potentially, slowly decrease, that there will be no one, not even these close knitted communities that have been mentioned

    Smart, very smart. (I'm serious).
    riza wrote: »
    I think leaving people behind in dead servers is stupid and its not worth it. We should only have 2 serves reboot and the most populated which is bera, combine all the servers but reboot together. after doing so give the mods a real job which is in game moderating. with this we can slowly but surely get rid of all the hackers and people who are destroying the game. nexon used to manually ban hackers from what i been hearing since my last post. we can bring it back but even better record them hacking then get rid of them. this will show players nexon is actually doing thier job. hire or get volunteers to do it that are fair and just and dont ban or mute people on impulse we need mods that can fairly and justly do this. if we can get this in game and merge all servers we can get the community back both with actual players and with trust. this will show the players and community nexon actually cares and is doing their job. it doesnt take alot to do this and im sure its possible. we done gm events where gm's were present and in the community this is also very important having people in the community and interacting with everyone and keeping them inform of things and just hanging out. this is possible and can be done. remember i say this in all caps so no one gets feelings hurt "THIS ISNT NEXON HATE ITS CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM" as long as we can come up with ideas and put them into action maplestory can be great again as we all know we cant move on to ms2 without fixing the game and trust in ms1.



    This is exactly what we've been trying to say.... 2 worlds! Bera and Reboot, that's it, that's how should it be.
    But again, we still have those very very very few people who disagree with us because they want an empty server where they can train alone while no one bother them, no one spam smegas them, no nothing..... it really makes no sense... just think about it, it's like someone in real life want to live life without people... does it make sense? I don't think so.... this is absolutely crazy -_-
    But then again, this is what they want, you can't tell them no, right? but guess what? in this case we definitely can say no! because the majority is far more important than just a very very few people, and we all know, this is just way too easy to understand this, even without polls, that the MAJORITY wants merge and NOW!
    riza wrote: »
    riza forum mods don't moderate the game, GMs do and forum mods aren't GMs. You should know this, you applied to be a forum mod.

    i already know i am proposing that we can use the same system to get volunteer gm's either from mods or other players in game similar to the vfm applications to help the gms as yes i know they are a different group. but its possible and doable. as I posted in the video they are around and they could do something to help.

    Lol, believe me, don't waste your time talking with DarkPassenger, for some reason, he won't agree with us no matter what, it's really pointless, it's really seems as if he's Nexon's lawyer, lol. trying to protect them and do exactly as they want (cuz Nexon DOES not want to merge worlds at all).

    Also check this out, we have another maintance/server check right now! yeah great, welcome to AfkStory. -_-