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  • [Announcement] Regarding Kanna's Haku's Blessing

    AlexF wrote: »
    They're probably on holiday break right now. Also, as someone stated, now that rebooters are no longer causing an uproar about the farming mesos, they seemed to retreat from the spotlight.

    The Community Team is always gathering feedback and sending it to the developers - that includes everything in this thread.

    Is it possible for them to consider updating the community about what they are at least planning to do? Like every few weeks, instead of leaving the community hanging.

    Such as, "We understand that Kanna deserves some buff and are looking into the proper changes that will be available in a future update", or "We believe Kanna is properly balanced with the other mage classes, and we will continue gathering data to see if future changes will be required".

    Obviously, with the second statement making no logical sense. Especially since there was a buff a few months before the nerf for Kanna in order to balance it with the other classes. Then the nerf comes along to again "balance" it with the other classes. The fact is that the second balance surprisingly made Kanna weaker than it was before the buff.

  • [Announcement] Regarding Kanna's Haku's Blessing

    Just came back to Maple and I find this...

    Kanna is my main and after this update, the damage now is worst than before they buffed Kanna a few months back. My damage straight out went from 18mil window to 6.5mil window. Before the buff, I was it was 12mil. I stuck with Kanna since its release and this is the worst update for it I have seen yet. Can this class even compete with other mage classes anymore? Can it even compete with other classes? Not sure, but I'm sure it's one of the worst DPS class if not the worst at the moment.

    Like some other players with Kanna main stated, make Haku buff into self buff if need be; or make it percent for player and flat for party.
  • Sizzling Saturday VVeekend Perks! Doubt

    @Retr0_ You should keep it. It's hard to find a better potential than that. If you roll it away, you might not get those stats again. Imagine if you get +1 Passive Skills, 30% Crit Chance, +30 ATT/M.ATT, or 50% Buff Dura. Now that would be disappointing.

    In the end though, it's all your choice. Hope you find my opinion helpful. :D

    @MDaniels Yes, the event is most likely going to happen. Korea got something like that during the V updates with more bonuses though.
  • All These Extended Maintenance is Hitting Hard

    These extended maintenance is going to completed screw me over for the "Play V Reward Event". It doesn't help that they changed the server time so the day changes at 4PM PST now. I only have like 3 more miss boxes left before I can't even get the final reward. I'll probably miss 1 or possibly even two more boxes today depending on when the patch completes. Then there will probably be two more maintenance in the upcoming weeks. Nexon will probably finish it off by extending them too due to unforeseen circumstances.

    Anyone at least have any hopes or expectation that they will extend the event by a few days?
  • Can we talk about Zakum?

    A solution for Zakum hand smash lag is a good computer with good internet. Other than that, we need to wait for better optimization.

    But there is a solution for the 2nd part. You avoid Zakum jump ohko by going into the green shield that appears.