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  • New Rune System

    YinYangX wrote: »
    Modesty wrote: »

    No no, after the new person picks up the rune, BAM, the map goes back to the base values. No more debuffs. So no runes in map = good.

    "claimed in a timely manner" Meaning if someone picks up after 5mins, it's still a cursed rune, no?
    Here's the scenario I'm talking about:
    Player A farms on Map X, spawns a rune, forgets to grab it and leaves.
    10 minutes later
    Player B comes to farm Map X and sees a rune. Doesn't know how long it's been there and doesn't want to activate it because s/he doesn't know if it's cursed.
    Result, said rune is never activated because players don't want to get cursed.

    Firstly, it will have purple dark aura coming out of it if it's cursed. It aura looks like Lotus Aura cash item.

    Secondly, if it is a cursed runes, the map automatically gets the EXP and DROP rate debuff IF not claimed. Thus, if you claim it, the debuff disappears because there's no more curse runes in the map to debuff the map.

    In conclusion, the cursed rune does not curse the player for using it. Instead it curses the map while in existence.

    I said "in a timely manner" because you should claim it before it becomes a cursed rune in order to avoid losing that tiny speck of exp from the 10 sec of cursed or whatever to run to the rune to pick it up instead of just picking it up while passing it by.
  • Game crash

    Horntail and Zakum has multiple parts. They can be farmed for EXP if you don't kill every part without entry limits.

    Ranmaru cannot be farmed.
  • Next character transfer event?

    The higher the expectations, the longer it takes. The lower the expectations, the faster it comes.