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October 16, 1995
  • LagStory - A truly lagtastic game

    WindLagger69 reporting for duty.

    I have been gifted with a tremendous power. Time gets frozen when I drink my elixirs. Monsters stop moving, but I can still walk around.

    WindLagger69 reporting for duty.

    Unfortunately this power came with a side effect: The monsters get invulnerable. I'm starting to wonder how tremendous this power really is..

    WindLagger69 reporting for duty.

    I've been wrong. This 'tremendous power' is nothing but a pain in the ass. I'm starting to feel afraid. The mods think I'm hacking, at least that's what they keep saying every 5 minutes right before I get disconnected. My powers are of no use this way.

    THE HYPE IS REAL. Let's now hope that my main will be able to get out of the Ereve Knight's Chamber map before this update arrives. : ^)
  • Help Please!

    Dual Blade requires specific mastery books to increase the max level of certain skills in the 2nd and 3rd job. Those Dual Blade exclusive mastery books can be bought for 100k each in the Secret Garden map, which is located in the Dual Blades hideout (where you begin the Dual Blade story).
  • Empress's Road : Knights Chamber = Death

    Are there any updates on this? At this point I feel i'm only going to be able to log in December .
    I have contacted live support and they told me that Nexon is aware of this issue, but is not sure how long it will take to fix it. They also said they would teleport my character to a different map, but it would take another 2-3 days. It's now been a little over 2 days and I'm still not teleported. Hopefully tomorrow Nexon will shed some more light on this issue, or even fix it. There should be a weekly maintenance tomorrow after all.
  • [Stuck] Game crashes when I log in with main

    Let me guess, you hear the music of Ereve? If yes, Ereve (or 1 particular map in Ereve) is currently bugged and Nexon is aware of this. They however cannot give us a date when it'll be fixed. Better send a ticket to Nexon and they will port your character to another map. It might take a few days however.