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October 16, 1995


  • Amazing when you buy a 2x EXP coupon and then the game starts lagging IMMENSELY, making it absolutely unplayable. And as a tip on the cake, Nexon doesn't do refunds under any circumstances, even if they're at fault.
  • WindLagger69 reporting for duty. I have been gifted with a tremendous power. Time gets frozen when I drink my elixirs. Monsters stop moving, but I can still walk around. WindLagger69 reporting for duty. Unfortunately this power came with a side …
  • I have played a lot of Demon Slayer myself and I do really enjoy the class and it will also be strong when 5th job comes out. Very good mobility, very good mobbing, and their bossing gets a lot better when 5th job comes around. I have actually neve…
  • From level 70-100, I train at Sand Rats and Sand Scorpions at Sunset Road: Sahel 2. Flat map, lots of monsters and fast spawn rate. Then from 100-140 I train at Leafre burning maps (where you got bonus exp). From level 150-170 you can train at t…
  • I can never actually get my hands down on a favorite character, but at the moment it must be Aran
  • I am experiencing the same thing. Did adequate damage and got the pouch. Still not crossed off.
  • I've had the same issue today. Entered Cash Shop and everything was set to 0. After a minute the correct numbers luckily popped up again, but then got the same error message right after, coupled with a few DC's to desktop. A few DC's later I was fin…
  • I personally really enjoyed Dual Blade. He's a good mobber and good bosser. He also gets a ton of avoidability so you'll actually be quite tanky. I've tried the other classes as well but I was not a fan.
  • I had the exact same problem today. I just kept trying and eventually it worked for me a few DC's later.
  • I'm not 100% certain about this, as it's a few months ago I've done this, so don't take my word for it, but you can either buy NX and get Surprise Style Boxes and a shop permit to sell, or if you don't want to spend your money on Maplestory you coul…
  • YAAASS! Luna Knight's Chamber crash has been fixed. After a week I'm finally able to play on my main again
  • As long as they're fixing the Knight's Chamber Ereve crash, I'm happy. Haven't been able to play my main for 6 days now #feelsbadman
  • I was hoping this issue would be adressed or only just mentioned in today's weekly maintenance, but absolutely nothing. It's almost been a full week now since my main character got stuck.
  • So these are the new features that were seen in the official V trailer for a brief moment. Haven't seen those features in a text format, so why not take a screenshot and post it here for everyone to see. Finally we'll be getting the Auction House!…
  • THE HYPE IS REAL. Let's now hope that my main will be able to get out of the Ereve Knight's Chamber map before this update arrives. : ^)
  • Dual Blade requires specific mastery books to increase the max level of certain skills in the 2nd and 3rd job. Those Dual Blade exclusive mastery books can be bought for 100k each in the Secret Garden map, which is located in the Dual Blades hideout…
  • You should maybe try Aran, I'm not seeing the class in your poll nor in the list of classes you don't like. Aran has good survivability due to his health, defenses and tremendous lifesteal, and his damage is also one of the highest at the moment. It…
  • Are there any updates on this? At this point I feel i'm only going to be able to log in December . I have contacted live support and they told me that Nexon is aware of this issue, but is not sure how long it will take to fix it. They also said the…
  • help me pls How do I get the ticket? Visit this link: https://support-maplestory.nexon.net/hc/en-us/requests/new Fill in the details and you'll get an email with your ticket number, which you can then post on this forum. You don't have to post it …
  • 'Ereve' isn't what they mean by world. Your world would be Luna, Scania, Kradia, Windia etc.