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  • Dual Blade - Mirrored Target

    This issue still persists. Please fix.
  • Dual Blade - Mirrored Target and Familiars

    Hello. I am a Explorer Thief player from Reboot, and my IGN is Tummy.

    I would like to talk about the skills 'Mirrored Target' , 'Arrow Illusion' , 'Emerald Flower' , and 'Wild Lure' .

    These skills serve the same purpose in a Solo Bossing environment: Attract the attention of the Boss monster.
    All four of these skills use similar word choice and language, describing the purpose and results of when the skill is used.
    Below you will find the description of the skill , as well as a link to YouTube clips demonstrating the skill (WITH FAMILIARS!!!)

    Mirrored Target: ( )
    Turns your Mirror Image into a dummy that draws enemy attacks and absorbs damage. Shadow Meld activates when the dummy is attacked. This skill can only be used when Mirror Image is active. Permanently increases Blade Master's DEF and Avoidability.

    Active Effects - MP Cost: 135, Dummy HP: 19000, Dummy Duration: 90 sec, damage taken is reduced by 20% while the dummy is summoned, Shadow Meld occurs when the dummy is hit.
    Dummy does not take damage from some attacks.
    [Passive Effect - Avoidability: 25%, Defense: +60%]

    Arrow Illusion: ()
    Summons an arrow illusion for a short time to draw enemies in and damage them. If you get hit during the skill, you will launch a powerful counterattack. Not affected by attack reflection. Also increases Ignore Defense permanently.

    MP Cost: 70, summon Arrow Illusion with 100000 HP for 30 sec
    Arrow Illusion periodically deals 200% damage and pulls in enemies. 70% chance to stun hit enemies for 4 sec.
    When Arrow Illusion takes damage, reflect 1200% of damage.
    [Passive Effects - Ignore Defense: 30%]

    Emerald Flower: ( )
    Summons a green crystal flower that attracts nearby enemies. Enemies intoxicated by the scent will be slowed.

    MP Cost: 60, Duration: 60 sec. Crystal Flower HP: 20000 Slows affected enemies.

    Wild Lure: ( )
    Provokes enemies to attack the Jaguar, and makes the Jaguar untouchable.

    MP Cost: 50, Max Enemies Provoked: 10, Provocation Duration: 10 sec. Duration is cut in half against bosses.
    Cooldown: 20 sec

    Despite the similarity, there is one skill that does not function when Familiars are present and attempting to / are attacking the Boss monster.
    That skill would of course be Mirrored Target.

    Customer Support has suggested that this skill is functioning correctly, and it is an intended interaction of Mirrored Target to lose its ability to draw enemy attacks in the presence of Familiars that are attempting to / are attacking the Boss Monster. ( https://i.imgur.com/A0mQl2c.png )

    So let's have a discussion! All four of these skills serve the same basic purpose: Attract the attention of the Boss Monster. Yet, it is only Mirrored Target that fails with Familiars. I believe that these skills should be consistent with their conditions, meaning that they should ALL work with familiars, or ALL lose its functionality with familiars. This discrepancy creates confusion and frustration from the Dual Blade community. Mirrored Target is the core identity and playstyle of Dual Blade. It's power is solely balanced behind the fact that this skill exists, and it is no secret to be aware of the fact that the scope of balance hails from the original game server in South Korea. With such a powerful skill, you are forced to make a choice in Global Maplestory to lose out on Dual Blade's most powerful asset OR use the powerful bonus stats from Familiars.

    Let this be a reminder that this skill has been BROKEN since the initial release of the Familiar system. If this is something you want to change, please speak up and join the discussion. If you believe it should stay this way, please explain your thoughts. It is easy to complain, this is your chance to participate and contribute to a long-standing issue.

  • [Game Breaking] Dual Blade - Mirrored Target

    Bug type: Skill functioning incorrectly.

    Brief bug summary: Mirrored Target skill functions incorrectly when Familiars are attacking.

    More details:

    Dual Blade's Mirrored Target skill has been broken ever since the introduction of the familiar system. This includes the first initial release of familiars to Global Maplestory, and the revamp that we are familiar with today.
    This skill is a core identity to the class, and its power and balance is revolved around this single ability. Mirrored Target loses its functionality when players Summon Familiars and the Familiars begin attacking the boss.
    I have a brief video showcasing this phenomenon. I did my best to demonstrate that the skill works as intended @

    You can observe the following THREE things:
    • Mirrored Target working correctly without the presence of Familiars
    • Mirrored Target working correctly when Familiars are present but NOT ATTACKING
    • Mirrored Target working incorrectly when Familiars are present and ARE ATTACKING

    Wind Archer's Emerald Flower and Marksman's Arrow Illusion serve the same purpose and functionality as Dual Blade's Mirrored Target. These skills serve to maintain the attention of Monsters and Bosses, allowing maplers to safely deal damage. Emerald Flower and Arrow Illusion work as intended even when familiars are summoned and attacking.

    The explorer revamp is just over the hill, and it would just be a shame if this skill was still broken when the revamp arrives in Global Maplestory. If there is more documentation needed to get this resolved, I will gladly provide every single detail available to my knowledge.

    I appreciate the time you take to read this, and I hope that we can work towards improving the experience for maplers that play the Dual Blade class.