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  • Can we please do something about drop rate?

    Drop rate as a whole was nerfed that includes boss, event and even recipes etc etc. Funny how these threads always turn into Nodestone drop rate threads.

    I think the drop nerf wasn't necessary and should have never been implemented, The Kms community was up in roar over the changes and later had them changed, Hoping we will get the same changes soon.
  • Worst Patch Preparation Ever?

    It's as if the concept of things happening one way in a testing environment, then going completely pants-on-head bonkers weird once it's pushed live is unheard of to some people.
    BringBackTespia# MakeMapleGreatAgain#
    I doubt they'd bring back a test server if this has any merit to it.
    The reason GMS doesn't have a test server anymore is people would take advantage of it, find the glitches but not tell about them to exploit them in the real game. This happened to the point it wasn't trustable anymore.
    Why not? They would be able to test the patch before it goes live, In turn we'd get shorter maintenance times and less bugs,
    Because people would ABUSE the power(find a glitch that gets you fast levels? Find a dupe exploit for your OP gear? People might not tell devs)...even though I would honestly do Tespia type stuff...with a full resume and even a really poorly written cover letter from Middle School....
    Well yeah they do not need to add EVERY bonobo to Tespia,

    They could also add certain restrictions such as these examples~

    1: Account still in good standing
    2: Meet a certain level or amount of characters on account (So if people do find exploits and abuse them it would be on their main account)
    3: Accounts made within the last few months cant apply for Tespia (possible newly made account's for the express purpose of finding said exploits/glitches)

  • Well the Matinance is Extened for awile..

    the problem with nexon is that EVERY SINGLE patch is the same, they might not take 10+ hrs everytime, but they always patch and leave bugs in there, and i know everygame does that, BUT not for 10 years with every single patch
    You'd think after running the game for 10 years they'd have a better handle on things like this.

    BringBackTespia# Make Maple Great Again#

  • Well the Matinance is Extened for awile..

    Nexon can take all the time they need as long as every think is working like it should
    Every patch doe? Step yo copy paste game up Nexon~