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  • Arlong wrote: » at least they're keeping us updated. Still waiting on that pet loot lag for over year now tho. I wonder what will happen first, me getting over my depression, get married, have children, or nexon fixing the lag. Both seem hopeless …
  • iHateForums wrote: » You see Nexon can take the game down when a few people complain about the changes to the naming/deleting characters Just got done talking to live support, All they told me was that they were looking into the matter and …
  • Arlong wrote: » double miracle happens way more often than once every 6 months. Relax you aint missing anything special Real easy for somebody who has access to their main character to say, and quite frankly a low blow. Thanks for that.
  • Welp, With the start of miracle time beginning within the hour almost all of my hope is gone for being able to take part in this once in every 6 month event... For everybody else unable to partake i shall shed a tear for you QQ
  • AriesDRX wrote: » I'm having the same problem. I'm afraid we're going to miss the cube sale and double miracle time. I share your concerns for the cube sale and double miracle time. Hopefully we will be able to participate, Fingers cross…
  • Just got home and tried again, Still not able to log into my main character..... 8 Hours later and no official word from Nexon, Double miracle time is getting closer n closer. I am curious if anybody else is having this issue, Please comment d…
  • Drop rate as a whole was nerfed that includes boss, event and even recipes etc etc. Funny how these threads always turn into Nodestone drop rate threads. I think the drop nerf wasn't necessary and should have never been implemented, The Kms commu…
  • Catooolooo wrote: » the statement will probably be, " We posted the wrong information, we meant the coin limit would be doubled" and then they will just change the post to reflect exactly that. Agreed entirely on this
  • Have you tried logging into the maple website with your old username? It should give you your email address associated with the account.
    in Email account Comment by Yolo May 2017
  • LagTooMuch wrote: » wasn't that worth getting it. As i am currently prime scrolling a heart any rewards points would of been helpful, Too bad i decided to check mule account THE DAY AFTER IT ENDED like the dirty noob i am...
  • MegaScience wrote: » While I don't have personal insight into the process for dealing with such players, I can say that so long as the player is truly illegitimate, persistence is key. Surely over time they make themselves an easier target to be d…
  • Neospector wrote: » Yolo wrote: » I am the opposite of upset, I'm glad that my reports and tickets were pushed aside to the point where someone had botted all the way to capped level. Truly makes me feel like playing more maplestory. 1. I tel…
  • I am the opposite of upset, I'm glad that my reports and tickets were pushed aside to the point where someone had botted all the way to capped level. Truly makes me feel like playing more maplestory.
  • Aggraphine wrote: » I don't see why everyone's getting so caught up in missing a whopping one day of attendance. If you direct your attention rearward for a moment, you'll take note of the previous attendance event that just concluded. In that …
    in Maint Comment by Yolo March 2017
  • This would be nice since my NL has permanent pendant slot but i quit him for 2+ years now making it worthless.
  • UNPLAYABLE is the only way to describe this game right now. Id describe it as SICKENING x.x
  • where do i check? http://maplestory.nexon.net/news/19558/december-big-spender-event-12-15-12-31 ^
  • I'm still having this issue, Started around the same time as OP made this post btw.
  • DC'd for HACK during solo voyage after having to wait 30 sec multiple times for my pet to pick up a dang meso bag. What if I got a Sweetwater, huh?! What if i could kill a single monster in 1 minute.