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  • Haku causes disconnects after the v.220 patch

    phantoms crashing too and harvesting also causes crash btw
  • [Memory Leak] Game not fully exiting on close

    time they found a solution for this one, really annoying
  • Account Verification Error

    People are starting to get in again
  • Account has not been verified

    Guess that maintenance will be there soon, nobody on Luna seems able to log in as of today, so only those who were logged in from yesterday can enjoy the game
  • Please get rid of Kishin already

    As with most rpg the use of a second pc will always provide a huge boost to your gameplay, if only for the fact it makes muling easier and gives Access to more party-buffs.
    If you consider the fact that most of the items needed to Play end Content and bosses (lvl 220+ content) will cost you about the Price of a second pc for each item, you Need to be Aware that if you do not have that Kind of Money to spend you will run into a brick wall of dissapointment once you reach lvl 220-230. (a good set of endequips will cost you somewhere between a car and a house)
    Cubing to get the right stats on an item is tremendously expensive, and the Need for those items only Shows at higher lvl. This is probably the reason nexon is making it easier for us to attain These higher Levels so they can start making Money on us =)

    A second pc is never a musthave, but most People are happy with it because in maple it is about the cheapest way to boost your gameplay. Please do not take away this cheap boost to our gaming addiction.

    As for kishin getting abused by hackers and thus causing lag to Servers there is a simple solution.
    Just make it harder for Players to obtain the skill by rewriting the kanna storyline a bit when revamping kanna.

    If you give certain prerogatives to the use of kishin, this would weed out the hackers and leave only legit players to use the skill.
    e,g, must have completed Gold beach, School academy and mushroom Castle to obtain a first weak Version of kishin.
    must have completed another number of storylines to get a second better Version of kishin. (like gollux prequest, and others which take hours to complete)
    and so on

    this way legit Players can put in the effort to Keep their skill, and hackers have to spend a lot of time on it with the risk of having to do it all over if they ever get caught hacking.

    The final Version of kishin as we have it now could be made available at lvl 190 like a hyper skill, or at lvl 210 like a linkskill, making it hard for new accounts to fully exploit kishin.

    With such a new storyline and added requirements nexon could even go further and make still higher Versions of kishin (equal to frenzy) obtainable after completing end Content like killing lucid, will or higher bosses. Thus it could provide end game Players a nice alternative to spending 50000k nx to obtain a frenzy totem. Instead of pushing away their playerbase this would motivate them to stay on and Play even more.

    Just root out the kishin hackers this way and let the legit Players enjoy their game. This solution requires a Minimum of effort from nexon to apply, and lets hackers put their efforts in other classes than the poor kanna class.

    P:S: dont Forget to restore the 70% damage kanna lost because of the haku nerf, we are in dire Need of a revamp =)