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  • Hayato's Vapor Blade - Disable option?

    As the title suggests, could it be possible to add right-click option to disabled Hayato's Vapor Blade skill when double-tapping the up key? Use of the skill would still be possible, but instead it would need to be assigned to a key.

    I noticed a couple of other mobility skills on other classes have had this option implemented.

  • Time to boycott NEXON?

    For anyone who still believes that NEXON are not just in it for the money...
    Take a look
  • Collaborative Pink Bean Secret Diary Guide

    "Pink for the Weekend - Log in on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday"

    Logged in those days and I got that one completed today. So this is CONFIRMED!
  • Some elite bosses causes disconnect

    I've found that when the Elites use any of their given attacks for the first time, this causes the DC. Also, when you return to the same map, give about 5-10 seconds and you'll get a second DC.
  • Please change the server time back to PST.

    Oh dear, here we go...

    Fine, I'll admit that it probably wasn't the smartest move changing the timezone just like that. It's a bump in the road, as it is something that the GMSer players will have to adjust to (for now). However, coming from EMS over to the GMS servers, I personally was expecting to play according to the GMS times (or PST times). If it had come to that, we EMSers would likely have been told to deal with it as it is. With that said, I feel that it's unfair for GMS to complain to this degree.

    But I do feel this issue could be more balanced, so that it can benefit everyone on equal terms. Rather than choosing from one of two extremes (not unlike certain votes that the UK and the US have just gone through), maybe have servers that are situated on the East coast of the US, perhaps?

    I don't know what will happen, but we shouldn't start bickering over these things. EMS and GMS are now as one and that's how it is, so let's try to get along :)