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  • Bleeding player base

    Theres already a huge thread about this topic. and it too died down. meaning everyone has already said their peace on it. One more person saying they want a server merge wouldn't constitute a need to necro post. Nexon is already aware some of you guys want one.

    It was addressed, whether you like the response they gave or not, they already responded, Arwoo relayed Nexon's message that theyre discussing how to approach this.

    This suggestion, because it's all it is, a suggestion, isn't what keeps the forums alive.

    Everyone didn't say their piece because we still have more people commenting on these types of threads.. I don't think we can end this topic as over and done with before there is a solution. We were told nothing would happen within 2018. Also, I don't think the mentality of discounting 'just one more person's opinion' is appropriate for a forum. More people voicing their opinion on this matter for this long clearly indicates nexons prior address of the problem was inadequate, so naturally players are still going to complain about the situation... whether you think that is in vain or not is up to you ( this whole forum might be in vain lol)

    I think you missed the point about this topic keeping the game alive. It's not a matter of which is the most important thread, but rather what are the consequences of not adequately addressing this thread topic for the game as a wjolr?( I.e. no server merge=very dissatisfied players. Possibly quitting would be reasonable as it's an mmorpg not solo story mode. Perm nx suggestions not being implemented=players moving on) Other suggestions pale in comparison to trying to save the server populations bc they won't matter if people are dissatisfied with their servers and quit... The minority that don't want a merge/Alli is irrelevant; they aren't going to quit if there is a merge, whereas a lot of people are quitting because of the small servers. And I don't blame them, there's more bots than people in ch 1 windia and there's not even that many bots