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  • make equipped nx tradeable

    Joshing wrote: »
    nah, nx perms have already plummeted in price and buying scissors for most items would be like 50-100% of the meso cost of the perm. this would also really put a huge dent in the price of super rare perms

    nx should be cash shop shareable across all classes tho, nexon putting this restriction is my only reason for not really playing any class out side of my mains class group
    iArrowZ wrote: »
    god no... karma needs to not even be a thing. this is a step in wrong direction.

    tradeable until equipped is fine. na you prob just broke af rn and want to liberate some meso from your NX stash lol.

    A ) This game is already super expensive for the smallest things. Why would tanking the price of nx items that cost excessive amounts (i.e. 5b = 100 usd right now) be a reason to not have this item? wouldn't it make nx items more accessible? There are some items so rare they haven't been in cycle for 6+ years, and with the smaller population of this game, that means they'll virtually never be on the market again - what a wasted opportunity considering how huge the nx suggestion thread is.

    B ) I agree karma scissors shouldn't be a thing, but I know there is no way Nexon would make equipped nx tradeable for free, so i'm being realistic. - There is an entire pinned thread of people begging (requesting) for perm NX to be put back into cycle, this would alleviate most of their requests by putting old items back into the market..
    And I wouldn't be selling my nx perms, I would be buying some oldies, as that was my incentive to make this thread- I don't have a need to sell my goods for mesos.. but with that being said you bring up a good point, I'm sure there are A LOT of broke players right now that could benefit from this situation. Again - why is this a bad thing?
  • make equipped nx tradeable

    As title says. because why not? Just make an nx item like platinum scissors of karma and let us trade nx equips that have already been equipped. seems like a missed opportunity.
  • Delete Frenzy, Fury, and Kishin

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    Aggraphine wrote: »
    Go post stupid things in your own thread, dax. Don't spread it to other ones.

    Omg, that was such a hypocritical statement. You have derailed soo many of my threads with what i felt were non-sensical responses. Nice job Daxter give him a taste of his own medicine lol.

    But for the future any one can post their opinion about the subject. Being called stupid for just giving your opinion just because it doesn't mesh with yours is soo shallow imo.

    Back on topic, I feel if they are going to nerf kish and fury totems either frenzy needs to follow suite or be reintroduced back in to marvel and philo. As for removing frenzy, fury and kish while increasing base respawn.... would be nice, but dream on Nexon won't do this unless the entire player base forced them to via a mass organized walk out(won't ever happen).

    Any who taking the high road up out of here before i get a snide rebuttle.

    You mean your threads where you asked that unequipped gear passively give its potential bonuses so that you can have your cake and eat it too between damage and drop gear? Or perhaps where you requested a cash item to circumvent the starforce destruction mechanic? Or when you declared heal lock to be some form of racial discrimination against a fictional entity? Or perhaps the one in which you basically admitted to having a gambling problem?

    Gomenasai wrote: »
    Aggraphine wrote: »
    Go post stupid things in your own thread, dax. Don't spread it to other ones.

    Wait, does Aggraphine actually agree to the fact that we must remove Kishin/Kanna? now that's a surprise, a very big one.

    It shouldn't be. Only thing I'd change is simply refine it a bit, given that it's an almost two-year-old suggestion.

    Just read the thread about his DA there was not a mention about race? You're putting this guy down for what? are you miserable at home or something? Even though his suggestion wasn't the greatest in my opinion, you taking a stab at someone having a gambling addiction and saying their thread was about racism (when it wasn't) to discredit their opinion on a forum is pathetic. Seriously, do you get a kick out of belittling people? You spend way too much time on this forum to be so pessimistic and rude.

    But yea I agree frenzy and kishin suck.

    Avatar Scissors of Karma should exist in GMS to allow equipped nx items to be traded. I believe almost (if not) all other regions have this NX item to allow for this feature. It's pretty costly, but why wouldn't this exist? Especially considering some of these small community servers in GMS inherently have less items in cycle. This would make a lot of sense.
  • Fix the regular server economy

    WONDERGUY wrote: »
    People have made hundreds of thousands of dollars off mesos, pre BB and now.

    1. thats ilegal
    2.encourages more boters to sell meso/items
    3. with all that around our economy-market and game health its not geting any better for players that dont RWT,bot or p2w
    4.i dont know what kind of investments you mean but all the p2w players that went for perfect gear 1-2years ago got trash now by new p2w items and more bots

    you can thank those players now for makeing the economy as bad as its now to the point of no return
    Creating more channels for making mesos in game would at least minimize the impact this has. But without Nexon implementing new sources of mesos, this market is for the taking.
    how thats not a huge buff for that 50k-1m weekly botters we see on forum @@@BAN DATA @@@ ?
    and how market will get better with that ?

    - 1. I'm pretty sure it's not 'illegal', just against the TOS for the game. Let's not make out someone exploiting a game for profit as a criminal.

    - points 2-4 tell me you don't really understand the dynamic of this 'problem'. Hackers have been turning profit off of maplestory for over 15 years now. There will always be 'encouragement' to sell/dupe mesos/items because there is a financial incentive - players are simply willing to pay for it without asking questions. This is a P2W game... what do you expect? :s

    It's not hackers fault there was an easy opportunity to make millions of dollars because of Nexon's neglect of their games economy. Nexon should've addressed the huge black market problem a decade ago. I guess this is what playing stubborn gets you. "no USD transactions - but feel free to buy NX, then buy Maple points, then trade your maple points for Mesos with our crappy in-game system"... Instead of just conceding that limiting USD trades/not selling mesos themsleves was a mistake, they've created a very tedious and less effective way of doing the same thing.