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  • Lets go Back to the great MapleStory times

    It'd actually be a risky play, a lot of the players are spending bags of money because of all the RNG systems newly introduced, and are now complacent with the changes while still spending money. That's a win for Nexon. Introducing what you're suggesting would potentially lead to less money spent on cubes, shielding/guardian scrolls, etc.. Despite the complaints from the player base, I'm sure current MapleStory is bringing in a lot of money as is.

    Also, discussing legacy servers is against TOS.
  • Simple feedback on the gameplay. Long time player.

    They really under-utilize a lot of content they already have in the game.. It would be soo great if high levels could go train at legacy, lower level maps via a buff to match high-level mob experience rates.. I'm just thinking of how to re-vitalize great maps like zombies, or lycaons in nath, or kargos in sleepywood, etc.. It's not only that it gets redundant, a lot of the game is basically just an archive of old maple.
  • Is Reboot going pay to win?

    AaronHusky wrote: »
    I feel like it's worth mentioning that Reboot was never officially the "f2p" server. It only got that branding because of the cubes for meso plus no trading aspects.

    All due respect I don't really think that's worth mentioning.. Reboot is the 'f2p' server because of the obvious stark contrast in spending requirements to be competitive relative to non-reboot servers. Imagine this - Nexon still calls Maplestory 'Free to Play!'.. More like 'free to get carried through the game by people spending $10,000 to be sorta competitive'.

    I would rather reference the consumer spending behavior from the players than what Nexon 'officially' labels as free or not.. Better to trust your experience and observations over a company's PR team.
  • Please let us turn smegas off.

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    Poplmon wrote: »
    Also give us gay marriage, it's 2020.

    Yeah? Well it was 2019, 2018 2017 and probably 2016 at some point. Why's it matter?

    This remains the single worst reasoning for doing something that has ever been. So what if it's 2020? "It's <current year>" has absolutely no meaning or merit to it. It's a hand-wave, a cop-out. It shows that you can't come up with a single compelling argument in favor of a change being made.

    And before anyone decides to open their mouths about it, I have no issue with same-sex marriage. I take issue with the argument of "it's <current year> already, just do it". It's devoid of any substance or merit, it's low-effort. If you really care about something, put up an actual argument instead of pointing at the calendar.

    Actually the year in which an argument is being made can be an significant component to said arguments validity. A year provides context for the social setting/values of that time - If you continued down your line of condescending thinking, you would get to a year after 2016 in which the issue of providing gay representation in a video game wasn't something being vocalized by a large group, either because of social pressure or lack of open mindedness. So you can see how stating 'because it's <current year>' after your 'feedback' can very well explain the discrepancy between widespread social values and how a company is reflecting those values. If you don't understand the correlation made you are not climatized to western culture.

    - also, 'this remains the single worst reasoning for doing something that has ever been'... Why are you discrediting all of your decently valid pessimistic feedback with this unsubstantiated statement?
  • lower star force enhancement cost

    title says it all. With the mesos rate so inflated it essentially costs 3-4knx (i.e. $3-4usd) per attempt after 15 stars @ a 30% success rate. Which means essentially, a lot less people are making 20+ star equips. The mesos rate has gone up significantly since the pricing for this was determined, and at this price point it just isn't realistic.
    A ) Lower the price per attempt
    B ) significantly increase the success rate for star enhancing in general.