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  • Double Miracle Time Cube Package Limitation

    It's also odd that our DMT has no mention of it working on Master Craftsman cubes, or Meister cubes, when KMS got the RISE patch their DMT listed that it worked on them.
  • Double Miracle Time Cube Package Limitation


    This is the previous DMT event that happened in December last year (Since we didn't get one in March for some reason). As you can see there's no mention of any kind of limit.


    Neither was it listed of any type of limit in the previous July DMT .

    So it seems very odd for there all of a sudden to be a package limit during this DMT, when previously in the last year the only time we saw limits was from random cube sales that weren't followed by DMT announcement shortly after.
  • Revert Gollux Revamp/Make bosses one CLEAR per day

    They wanted to rebalance Gollux to be on the Same level as Absolab gear. Thats why you see Hellux having nearly the same amount of HP as Lotus
    Lotus - 700bil
    Hellux ~800bil

    While everyone fantasizes Arcanes as end-game gear, the more easily replaceable Absolab gear can work almost as well. So they wanted to re-balance the boss to give rewards on average about the same time (25 days of Hellux - vs ~4-5 weeks per Abso - Although abso can be shortened to even 1-2 weeks if you have more characters about to do the dailies)

    Due to the nature of the boss rewards, where would you draw the line as a clear is them problem. They seem to not want to allow you to carry your friends and still get gear yourself so that means you would have to put the clear after you kill the eye but before rewards drop, which then leads back to not wanting you to carry your friends

    Which the best solution to the problem would actually be put a 30 min wait timer if you fail, and if your previous party clears within that time, it would cause you to clear too (See Magnus or CRA doors).

    While I still feel like 25 days is to long and would hope to see it one day reduced to something like 14 days. The best agreement they could reach on this matter to help alleviate player frustration with the boss is to do the CRA 30 min CD after each attempt.
  • About this game continuing to go downhill

    That's a hilariously bad example of what Reboot was made to be. Reboot is about getting rid of the Pay 2 Win factor of the game, and about how far you can earn it with the time you input.

    The thing is, people like the feeling Kish brings, Lots of mobs, high density, so your big impactful spells kill a LOT of things. There's a reason why people go to Arcana to farm, and which maps are selected in Esfera. For some reason Nexon has the idea that BIG MAPS ARE BETTER, but everything in the game says it's trash.

    Big map pros -
    -able to spawn more monsters
    -takes a bit to clear the full map, so the next wave already spawned

    Con -
    -mobs are so spread out and low density it's terrible
    -Low mobility classes are trash at it
    - Reliance on summons to help clear the map
    - Limitations on how far you and the summons can be means you can't actually rely on them
    - Mobs de-register if you are too far away so long attack range skills/ Mostly summons actually don't hit anything if you go to far

    While they keep adding more summons to the game, It's actually not that helpful for farming the bigger maps, simply due to how they treat bigger maps and how the game is set up for bigger maps.
  • Beast Tamer 'Revamp' Feedback

    Here's a decent Idea if anyone has ever played Shade/Euwol. At level 200 he has a quest that upgrades his hyper into more damage, more duration. What if BT got something like that, at level 200 BT could do a simple quest (Shade is literally just a small talk) That would just upgrade the hyper into a toggle, or the full duration buff?