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  • Nodes

    I believe all of them become De-equiped? (not positive on this part) and every Node that was for Cannoner will become grayed out and it won't let you put it into your Matrix. But be careful disenchanting.
  • Thank you for breaking the silence a bit for us!

    Well if you guys didn't read the memo before posting - Which would be from AaronHusky's time of posting onward
    When we looked at the game data after the v.213 update, we found that the number of Familiar cards being dropped was higher than what we had estimated when we worked on the balance for the overall Familiar system. Also, some cards had a drop rate that didn’t match their rank, and so we decided to adjust the drop rate with our unscheduled maintenance before it severely affected the game balance.

    It's hilariously out of touch it means for both the drop rate and the excuse given.
    #1 - High level mobs don't drop ANY cards. But supposedly the system is BALANCED???! around that.... no it's not...

    #2 - Any familiar card higher than level 30 had far too low drop rate to even consider using, especially having to grind up from Common rank

    #3 - yes red familiars below level 30 were dropping far to often... because it was never balanced around the Rank system, it was balanced around a CAP of 3 familiars, so the whole drop rate system needs to be fixed for it. It's 2 completely different systems that aren't balanced the same, so keeping the old system was a joke of an idea, Saying you weren't going to change it had massive RED FLAGS

    #4 - Saying the current drop rate is balanced is another MASSIVE RED FLAG a common card is taking over 1 1/2 hours to grind for, on a low level mob that gives you - no meso, no equips, no familair points. And then saying oh but you need to Rank it up to Unique? Which means you need over 400 of them at common tier?! CERTAINLY NO RED FLAGS HERE

    #5 - The familiar booster packs were balanced around a drop rate that was similar to what you get from level 20 mobs before hand, a crazy amount of familiars if you were grinding them for an hr, To say it's still balanced with the current drop rate of familiars....

    #6 - The badge system, which replaced the Codex Card system (not familiar system) Requires a high drop rate system. So to say this is appropriately balanced.... With 1 1/2 hr grind for just LOW LEVEL mobs, and it gets exponentially worse with level - It's still based on level and Rank..... - sigh

    What should have been said instead was - We noticed a bug with Revealing potential on certain familiars so we had to limit the drop rate to reduce the impact it will have once we are able to address the issue.

    TL:DR - The point system was balanced around the level 20-30 familiar card rate drops, but nothing else was balanced and the current Balance is just gutting the content aside from people buying Legendary packs and Red card familiars... Where a LARGE portion of your player base is Reboot that doesn't get any of these....